Great expecSTEAKtions

Here at Harper’s we’re all about the steak. There’s nothing we don’t know about steak, especially how best to cook it. Whilst we can’t wait for you to relax, unwind, and enjoy some prime time indulgence with us, we also want to make sure that you can create the ultimate steak night at home too. 

Which is why we’ve asked our chefs to put together their top steak cooking tips to ensure you can recreate the perfect steak at home. 

Tender cut 

Once you’ve chosen your steak cut, remove all the packaging and let it rest for 30 minutes at room temperature. A cold steak simply won’t cook evenly. Add a little oil and season with ground pepper. 


Get your pan on a high heat. Whether you’re grilling your steak or searing it in a cast iron skillet, it’s vital you get that pan hot. A high heat will allow the steak to caramelise on the outside and lock in those all-important juices and flavour. It also helps to give you that outside crisp yet moist, tender, and oh-so-juicy texture on the inside. Go easy though, you might need to open the window as it could get a little smokey! 

Handle with care 

Whilst it’s tempting, make sure you don’t over handle your steak. A pair of tongs is the ideal tool to turn your steak with. You only need to turn it once, as soon as you’ve got that gorgeous caramelised first side. If you’re grilling on bars you might want to move your steak just a quarter turn first to get that professional crossed-bar pattern! Keep an eye on that colour… 

Prime time indulgence 

Use a meat thermometer to check that your steak is cooked to your taste. Use our steak-o-meter below to find out how best to cook yours. Remember, the thickness of your steak will mean you may need to cook it for a little longer. 

Good things come to those who wait 

Slide that steak off the heat and let it rest for a few minutes before sprinkling with salt flakes (a little Maldon goes a long way) and serve with your favourite sides. We love to know how people enjoy their steak? With a side of french fries or thick cut chips? Peppercorn sauce? Side salad? How do you eat yours?! 

Make no miSTEAK about it, whether it’s date night, mate night, it’s always a steak night. And now you can recreate the perfect steak any time you fancy. But, if you’d rather leave your steak to the professionals then come and visit us.