5 Historic Locations To Visit In Haslemere

13 November 2023

Ready to dive into the world of tile-hung houses and cottages? Say no more. Haslemere is a historic market town in the South of Surrey with so much to offer. You can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the town with so many shops, cafes and historic spots. Home to so many artefacts from ancient civilisation, art and architecture, and a wide variety of operas and musicals, this town never fails to amaze you. Don’t miss out on a delectable meal from Harpers Steakhouse while in Haslemere because they serve one of a kind steaks and so much more.

Harper’s Steakhouse

With their collection of beef steaks that are located all over the country, Harpers Steakhouse aims to rub away state lines to give their customers the perfect, all-round experience. With their grass-fed animals, they offer an organic experience that is second to none.If you are stopping by, please be sure to try their Salted Caramel S’mores Martini. Good food, fine drinks, and a good ambience make for an enjoyable time. Their beats do not go unnoticed either, with Lowlifedan using his talents to spur up the place and bring it to life.

Historic Locations To Visit in Haslemere

When you visit Harpers Steakhouse, you’ll want to experience more of the beauty of the city. That’s why we have pulled together 5 historical locations in the vicinity of Haslemere that you can visit on your trip:

  • Haslemere educational museum
    Haslemere Educational Museum is everything a community museum should be. Built in 1888, this museum is one of southern England’s largest natural history museums. This place is perfect for people who have a knack for history and enjoy geological facts.

    Moreover, there are three galleries based on Geology, human history artifacts, and natural history. The friendly staff at the museum adds to your experience. You can take your kids along as well and enjoy a day full of sights and interesting facts. It is an amazing learning experience for kids and adults at the same time.

    Also, if you enjoy reading, this place has got you covered. Don’t forget to grab an interesting souvenir from the gift shop as well. There is a library inside along with some temporary galleries as well. So, this is the most suitable spot for families on a vacation in Haslemere looking for some mindful activities around them.

  • Haslemere Hall
    Haslemere Hall is not your ordinary cinema, in fact, it is a purpose-built theatre with affordable prices and so much more. Built in 1913, this place gives off the earlier England vibes. It is a large hall that can accommodate around 340 people at a time and screens theatre shows and the latest movies as well. You can thoroughly enjoy a day full of culture and entertainment combined. For those who have never tried opera, this is your sign to check it off your list this holiday. There is also a wide range of snacks and drinks to choose from.

    So, plan a date night with your partner, enjoy a nice musical or your favourite movie and enjoy a delicious meal at Harper’s Steakhouse on your way back. Don’t worry about parking because there are ample parking slots available outside the venue.

  • St.Bartholomew’s church
    Step into the world of glorious mosaics, extraordinary furnishings, and art displays by visiting St.Bartholomew’s church. This church has a great historic value and the height and size of the place never fails to amaze one. With quite high ceilings and beautifully coloured windows pains, this place offers just the right amount of aesthetics for anyone willing to enjoy their vacation among the beauty and culture of Haslemere.

    Another reason you would want to visit this church is that there are different communities available for you to interact with. However, if you want to observe the art and history alone, you can always go for hiring a guide.

  • Hampton Court Palace
    Situated along the infamous Thames River, Hampton Court Palace is a must-visit spot while in Haslemere. It is a tremendous red-brick Tudor palace full of beautiful sights and historic significance. Experience the Tudor hedge maze in the formal gardens of the palace.

    You also get a chance to dive into the splendour of the Tudor court in Henry VIII’s court. And you’re in luck if you visit this palace in summer because most of the palace is accessible to visitors then and there is unlimited staff to guide you through. There is an audio guided tour installed in the palace as well so get ready to take lots of notes on this gem of English history. You’ll get a taste of traditional English music as well since young people are practising the organ in the chapels most of the time. As a finale of your trip, you can witness a hologram of a dragon flying in front of the east palace.

    So, if you are looking for a place that is blissful in terms of natural beauty and holds great historical value, you should consider Hampton Court Palace for sure.

  • Hindhead Commons
    It should be illegal for one to visit Haslemere and not go to Hindhead Commons. There are six routes that you can take to walk through the Hindhead trail. The quaint trails of Hindhead Commons have a lot to offer.

    There are a plethora of guided history boards installed as well so you can be amused by the natural history of the place while taking a stroll. Various species of Oak and Beech trees offer alluring scapes. Hindhead Commons is all about a picturesque walk which is a blend of nature and history.


Enjoy the absolutely astonishing market town, indulge in mouthwatering food at Hapers Steakhouse, and visit a bunch of historic locations. Whether you are looking for quaint walks or guided tours in the Tudor Palace, Haslemere has got you covered. You will be awestruck by the beauty of this town and the amount of knowledge it has to offer.

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