A Midweek Indulgence at Harper’s Steakhouse in Southampton

11 June 2024

Nestled in the heart of the vibrant city of Southampton, a culinary gem awaits to tantalise your senses and transport you on a gastronomic journey like no other. Harper’s Steakhouse, renowned for its exceptional steaks and elegant evening dining experiences, has emerged as a beloved destination for those seeking a delightful midweek escape in the form of a sumptuous brunch or an array of expertly crafted small plates.

With its inviting ambience and a menu that seamlessly blends time-honoured classics with innovative modern flavours, Harper’s Steakhouse has captured the hearts and palates of locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re a Southampton resident or a traveller exploring the city’s rich culinary delights, this esteemed establishment promises an unforgettable dining adventure that will leave you craving for more.

An Ambience of Refined Comfort

As you step through the doors of Harper’s Steakhouse, you’re immediately enveloped in an atmosphere that exudes refined comfort. The interior design strikes a perfect balance between rustic charm and contemporary elegance, creating a warm and inviting ambience that beckons you to linger and savour every moment.

Exposed brick walls and wooden beams lend a cosy, rustic feel, while plush leather seating and soft lighting create an air of sophistication. Large windows allow natural light to flood the space, casting a warm glow over the dining area and providing a glimpse of the vibrant city beyond.

Whether you choose to settle into a cosy booth or a table by the window, Harper’s Steakhouse offers a sanctuary where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and indulge in a truly exceptional culinary experience.

A Midweek Brunch to Remember

Harper’s Steakhouse understands the art of crafting a brunch menu that caters to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring that every guest can find a dish that tantalises their taste buds and leaves them utterly satisfied.

Brunch Standouts

  1. Lobster Benedict: A luxurious twist on a classic, the Lobster Benedict at Harper’s Steakhouse is a true indulgence. Succulent chunks of fresh lobster are nestled atop perfectly toasted English muffins, crowned with poached eggs, and smothered in a rich, velvety hollandaise sauce that will transport your taste buds to culinary bliss.
  2. Smashed Avocado and Feta Tartine: For those seeking a lighter yet satisfying option, Harper’s Smashed Avocado and Feta Tartine is a must-try. Creamy avocado is generously spread on artisan sourdough bread and topped with crumbled feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, and a sprinkling of chilli flakes, creating a harmonious blend of flavours and textures that will leave you feeling nourished and invigorated.
  3. The Harper’s Full English: No brunch menu would be complete without a hearty Full English offering, and Harper’s Steakhouse delivers with their signature dish, The Harper’s Full English. This comprehensive meal features a delectable array of breakfast staples, including perfectly cooked eggs, crispy bacon, succulent sausages, grilled tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, baked beans, and toast – a true feast that will satisfy even the heartiest of appetites.
  4. Blueberry and Ricotta Stuffed French Toast: Indulge your sweet tooth with Harper’s Blueberry and Ricotta Stuffed French Toast, a decadent treat that will transport you to brunch nirvana. Thick slices of brioche bread are stuffed with a luscious blend of creamy ricotta and fresh blueberries, then cooked to golden perfection and served with a drizzle of maple syrup – a true celebration of sweet and savoury flavours.

Brunch Beverages

No brunch experience would be complete without the perfect accompaniment, and Harper’s extensive beverage menu offers a diverse array of options to complement your chosen dish. From freshly brewed coffee and artisanal teas to refreshing juices and smoothies, there’s something to suit every taste.

For those seeking a bit of indulgence, Harper’s offers a selection of expertly crafted brunch cocktails, including the ever-popular Mimosa, the invigorating Bloody Mary, and the effervescent Bellini – each one a perfect pairing to elevate your brunch experience to new heights of delight.

Small Plates: A Culinary Adventure

In addition to their exceptional brunch offerings, Harper’s Steakhouse has garnered a well-deserved reputation for its impressive selection of small plates, expertly crafted to tantalise the palates of even the most discerning diners.

Shareable Delights

  1. Crispy Pork Belly Bites: These delectable morsels are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Succulent pork belly is slow-cooked to perfection, then crisped to a golden brown and served with a tangy apple slaw and a drizzle of honey mustard sauce – a perfect balance of flavours and textures that will leave you craving for more.
  2. Seared Tuna Tataki: For those seeking a lighter yet flavour-packed option, Harper’s Seared Tuna Tataki is a must-try. Succulent tuna is seared to perfection, then thinly sliced and served atop a bed of wakame seaweed salad, garnished with pickled ginger and a tantalising soy-sesame dressing – a true fusion of flavours that will transport your taste buds on a culinary journey.
  3. Mushroom and Truffle Arancini: Vegetarians, rejoice! Harper’s Mushroom and Truffle Arancini are a delightful and indulgent option that will satisfy even the most ardent of meat-lovers. Plump risotto balls are filled with a heavenly blend of sautéed mushrooms and truffle oil, then fried to a crispy golden perfection and served with a tangy tomato dipping sauce – a true celebration of earthy flavours.
  4. Sticky Beef Brisket Sliders: These miniature morsels pack a punch of flavour that belies their size. Tender beef brisket is slow-cooked to perfection, then piled high on soft brioche buns and drizzled with a tangy barbecue sauce. Topped with crispy onion strings and served with a side of creamy coleslaw, these sliders are the perfect accompaniment to your evening libations or a satisfying snack in their own right.

Drink Pairings

The small plates at Harper’s Steakhouse are designed to be enjoyed with their extensive drinks menu, offering a diverse selection of wines, craft beers, and expertly crafted cocktails to complement every dish. Whether you prefer a crisp white wine, a robust red, or a refreshing craft beer, the knowledgeable staff at Harper’s are always on hand to offer recommendations, ensuring that you have the perfect pairing for your culinary adventure.

The Harper’s Experience: Beyond the Plate

Dining at Harper’s Steakhouse is an experience that extends far beyond the culinary delights that grace your plate. From the moment you step through the doors, you’re enveloped in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with attentive staff dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your visit is truly memorable.

The service at Harper’s is attentive yet unobtrusive, allowing you to relax and savour every moment of your dining experience at your own pace. Whether you’re there for a leisurely midweek brunch or an evening of shared small plates and libations, the staff will ensure that your visit is a truly exceptional one.

Special Offers and Events

Harper’s Steakhouse frequently hosts special events and promotions that add an extra layer of excitement to your dining experience. From themed brunches to wine tasting evenings, there’s always something happening at Harper’s to pique your interest and tantalise your taste buds.

Be sure to check their website or follow them on social media for the latest updates on upcoming events and special offers. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to Southampton, Harper’s Steakhouse is sure to provide you with a dining experience that is truly unforgettable and one that will leave you eagerly anticipating your next visit.

In the vibrant heart of Southampton, Harper’s Steakhouse stands as a culinary oasis, offering a midweek brunch and small plates experience that is sure to delight even the most discerning palate. With its tantalising menu, inviting ambience, and attentive service, this esteemed establishment has cemented itself as a must-visit destination for both locals and travellers alike.

Whether you seek a leisurely midweek indulgence in the form of their sumptuous brunch offerings or a delightful evening of shared small plates and libations, Harper’s Steakhouse promises an unforgettable dining adventure. From the moment you step through their doors, you’ll be enveloped in an atmosphere of refined comfort, where every detail is carefully curated to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

With a menu that seamlessly blends time-honoured classics with innovative modern flavours, Harper’s Steakhouse offers something to tantalise every taste bud. Whether you prefer the luxurious indulgence of their Lobster Benedict or the lighter, yet equally satisfying, Smashed Avocado and Feta Tartine, you can rest assured that each dish is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality ingredients.

Beyond the exquisite cuisine, Harper’s Steakhouse prides itself on its attentive service, ensuring that every aspect of your visit is truly memorable. The knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer recommendations and ensure that your dining experience is tailored to your preferences, whether you seek the perfect wine pairing or a crafted cocktail to complement your chosen fare.

So, whether you’re a Southampton resident seeking a midweek escape or a traveller exploring the city’s culinary delights, be sure to add Harper’s Steakhouse to your must-visit list. With its tantalising offerings, inviting ambience, and exceptional service, this esteemed establishment promises a dining experience that will leave you eagerly anticipating your next visit.

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