A Quintessential British Staycation: Discovering Harper’s Steakhouse in Haslemere

11 June 2024

In the heart of southern England, where the counties of Surrey, Sussex, and Hampshire converge in a delightful tapestry of rolling hills and quaint villages, lies the charming market town of Haslemere. This quintessential British town offers a perfect retreat for those seeking a delightful blend of rustic charm, culinary indulgence, and warm hospitality. At the epicentre of this idyllic setting stands Harper’s Steakhouse, a gem that promises an unforgettable ‘steak-ation’ experience.

A Journey Through Time: The Setting

Harper’s Steakhouse is not merely another pub; it’s a testament to the enduring allure of British heritage. Situated directly opposite the Haslemere Railway Station, this establishment ingeniously weaves the golden age of steam into its very fabric. As you step inside, you’re transported back to the roaring twenties, with art deco touches that add a sprinkle of glamour to the warm, inviting atmosphere. It’s as if the pub itself is whispering tales of a bygone era when steam locomotives chugged through the verdant countryside, carrying holidaymakers to their summer retreats in wicker picnic hampers and Sunday best.

Boutique Bedrooms: A Haven of Comfort and Style

At the heart of the Harper’s experience are its boutique bedrooms. Forget the cookie-cutter uniformity of chain hotels. Here, each room is a unique sanctuary, thoughtfully designed to offer comfort, style, and a touch of rustic chic. The ‘Cosy Double’ and ‘Comfy Double’ rooms boast plush king-size beds dressed in 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, promising a night of blissful slumber that will have you feeling as refreshed as a spring morning in the Surrey Hills.

Modern amenities like flat-screen smart TVs, DAB Bluetooth radios, and Nespresso coffee machines ensure that your creature comforts are well catered for. Imagine yourself wrapped in a fluffy towel after a rejuvenating shower in your en-suite bathroom, sipping a freshly brewed Nespresso while planning your day’s adventures. Or perhaps you’re reclining on your king-size bed, flicking through the local guidebook while enjoying the complimentary tea, coffee, and biscuits.

For those travelling with family or friends, the ‘Comfy Super King’ and ‘Comfy King’ rooms offer expansive beds and the option of an additional Z-bed. And in true British spirit of inclusivity, some rooms are available on the ground floor, ensuring accessibility for all guests. It’s these thoughtful details that set Harper’s apart, making every guest feel not just welcomed, but truly cherished.

Paw-fect Pet Stays: Because Dogs Are Family

Now, what’s a holiday without your faithful hound by your side? At Harper’s, they rightly believe that dogs are part of the family. Their ‘Paw-fect Pet Stays’ package ensures that your furry friends are as welcome as you are. With their own doggy bed, blanket, bowl, and a welcome box of tasty treats (no doubt including a few British classics like Bonios!), up to two dogs per room can stay with you for £20 per pet, per night.

It’s a thoughtful touch that means no one gets left behind. After all, what’s a ramble through the South Downs without your four-legged companion bounding ahead, tail wagging with the sheer joy of open spaces and new scents? And at the end of the day, as you relax in Harper’s bar with a local ale, your canine chum can curl up contentedly at your feet, both of you thoroughly tuckered out from your adventures.

Culinary Delights: More Than Just a Pub

Now, let’s talk about the real star of the show: the food. Harper’s isn’t just a pub with rooms; it’s a steakhouse that takes its culinary offerings very seriously. Their ‘Leisurely Eat & Sleep’ package is a gastronomic delight that showcases the best of British produce. Imagine starting your evening with a sumptuous meal in the pub, with £30 per person towards dinner (food only). Whether you’re a carnivore salivating over their perfectly seared steaks (cooked to your exact liking, of course – we Brits do have standards!) or a vegetarian enticed by their locally-sourced produce, Harper’s menu promises to tantalise all taste buds.

And the culinary pampering doesn’t end there. The following morning, you’ll be treated to what they delightfully term a ‘top-notch breakfast’. In true British fashion, expect a hearty full English with all the trimmings – sizzling bacon, eggs just the way you like them, grilled tomatoes, buttery mushrooms, and perhaps a cheeky slice of black pudding for the adventurous. Or, if you’re feeling a bit posh, why not opt for some smoked salmon and scrambled eggs? Add to this a leisurely late check-out until 1 pm, and you have the perfect recipe for a relaxed, indulgent start to your day.

After a day of exploring, Harper’s welcoming bar and terrace await, ready to revive you with a local ale (perhaps a hoppy number from a Surrey brewery) or a crisp glass of English sparkling wine (our vineyards are giving the French a run for their money these days!). It’s the perfect spot to soak in the ambiance and maybe share tales with friendly locals. After all, there’s nothing we Brits love more than a bit of friendly pub banter!

Value for Money: Extending Your Staycation

But Harper’s isn’t just about indulgence; it’s also about value. Their ‘Three Nights for the Price of Two’ offer, available from October to April, allows you to stay for three nights while only paying for two. It’s a brilliant way to extend your staycation without stretching your wallet, giving you ample time to really immerse yourself in the local area.

And what a local area it is! The South Downs National Park, with its sweeping chalky hills, ancient woodlands, and wildflower meadows, is right on your doorstep. Imagine spending your days rambling through this spectacular landscape that has inspired artists and poets for centuries. You might picnic in hidden valleys carpeted with bluebells in spring, or watch the sun set over the rolling hills, painting the sky in hues of gold and pink that would make Turner reach for his paintbrush.

The park isn’t just about natural wonders; it’s steeped in history too. You could visit the mysterious Long Man of Wilmington, a giant chalk figure etched into the hillside, or explore the remnants of Iron Age forts that once guarded these lands. And then there are the charming villages, each with its own story. In Alfriston, you’ll find the quirky 14th-century Clergy House, the first-ever property acquired by the National Trust. In Petersfield, the bustling market square echoes with centuries of trading chatter.

As the day wanes, you’ll return to Harper’s, perhaps with a few local treats in your backpack – a bottle of gin from a Sussex distillery, or some crumbly Sussex Charmer cheese. And as you sink into your king-size bed, you’ll realise that Haslemere, and Harper’s at its heart, isn’t just a base for exploring. It’s a gateway to the soul of southern England, a place where every winding lane, every ancient tree, and every welcoming pub tells a part of Britain’s enduring story.

The True Magic of a British Staycation

This is the true magic of a staycation at Harper’s. It’s not just about the comfortable rooms, the delicious food, or even the stunning location. It’s about immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of British life. It’s the warmth of the staff who greet you by name, the locals who share tales of the area over a pint, the sense of history that seeps from the very walls.

In our fast-paced world, where holidays often mean jetting off to far-flung destinations, there’s something deeply satisfying about rediscovering the joys on our own doorstep. A staycation at Harper’s Steakhouse in Haslemere is a reminder that some of the most enriching experiences are those that connect us with our own heritage, our own landscapes.

So, whether you’re planning a romantic weekend away, a family adventure, or a solo retreat to recharge your batteries, consider Harper’s Steakhouse. It’s more than just a pub with rooms; it’s a portal to the heart of British hospitality. From the moment you step through the door, greeted by the warm glow of the bar and the tantalising aromas from the kitchen, you’ll know you’ve found somewhere special.

Harper’s offers “Beautiful spaces, Welcoming faces, and a Wonderful place.” And in these simple words lies the essence of the perfect British staycation. So go on, book your ‘steak-ation’ at Harper’s. After all, as Brits are fond of saying, there’s no place like home – especially when home is as charming as this.

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