Discover the Enchantment of Haslemere: A Hidden Gem in Surrey

15 October 2023

Have you ever discovered a location that is so alluring that it seems like a well-kept secret? A hidden gem of a similar kind is Haslemere, a charming town in Surrey. Discover the enthralling beauty, rich history, and touch of Southern hospitality of Haslemere, where the gorgeous landscapes of Surrey, West Sussex, and the South Coast combine. We cordially invite you to go with us on an exploration of Haslemere’s numerous delights through our blog. We’ll show you the world of opportunities this quaint town has to offer, from cultural outings to adventures in the gorgeous countryside.

Let’s visit Harpers Steakhouse to pique our appetites before embarking on our Haslemere tour. This is a modest, family restaurant that is the focal point of the Haslemere food scene. Delivering mouthwatering cuisine influenced by flavours from the East to the West Coast of the United States is something Harpers Steakhouse takes great pride in. Although their delicious steaks are their speciality, the menu has much more to offer, including delicious small plates and substantial BBQ feasts. Enjoy your meal while sipping on speciality cocktails or American craft beers, or just take in the relaxed atmosphere.

At Harper’s, you can indulge your taste buds and then relax in style. Their chic accommodations provide the ideal haven to recuperate before your next day of exploration. Luxurious little things like Egyptian cotton linens, Bramley bath products, a Nespresso machine, and the cosiest beds can help you unwind.

Activities to Get You Moving

Walking and Hiking

Surrounded by beautiful scenery, Haslemere is a nature lover’s dream come true. Put on your hiking boots and head out on one of the many paths. There are other ways to discover the breathtaking scenery, including the Greensand Way and the Serpent Trail.


If you’re more of a two-wheeler, riding through Haslemere’s gorgeous scenery is a great way to experience the peace of the area. The town makes sure that everyone enjoys a ride by providing routes that are appropriate for all skill levels.


Set out on one of the nearby golf courses, such as Blackmoor Golf Club or Hindhead Golf Club. Swinging across verdant, rolling hills, you’ll be surrounded by the stunning Surrey countryside.

Exploring Haslemere’s Hidden Treasures

Haslemere Hares

“Haslemere Hares” is an intriguing community art project that took place in Haslemere in 2018. Scattered throughout the town were these artistically created hare sculptures, a throwback to the earlier “Haslemere Hogs” project. Local artists individually and imaginatively embellished each sculpture, giving the streets of Haslemere a whimsical touch. These colourful hares, each with a tale to tell, will catch your eye as you stroll around the town and add a special perspective to your investigation of Haslemere’s art scene.

St. Bartholomew’s Church

St. Bartholomew’s Church in the Parish of Haslemere provides a warm and accepting environment where families of all ages can experience the Christian religion. This old church offers a calm setting for introspection and spiritual enlightenment. The serene surroundings and historic architecture beckon you to pause and reflect, providing an insight into the town’s rich spiritual past. This quiet, beautiful, and contemplative church is located in the centre of Haslemere. You can visit it for its historical significance or to attend a service.

Happy Hands Pottery Painting

Happy Hands Pottery Painting is the place to go if you’re feeling artistic and want to try your hand at creating something. Visit this charming Haslemere studio and let your inner artist loose. You can choose a piece of pottery, such as mugs or plates, and add your own special patterns and hues to it. Families, couples, or lone explorers will find it to be a fun pastime suitable for all ages. The nicest aspect is that your hand-painted masterpiece can be brought home as a sentimental memento of your trip to Haslemere.

Shottermill Club

For both locals and guests, The Shottermill Club provides a variety of entertainment and recreational choices. Engaging events including live music performances, monthly quizzes, car boot sales in the summer, bingo sessions every Thursday, and charity fundraisers are often held at this community hub. The varied events foster a spirit of fun and friendship, which makes the Shottermill Club an excellent venue for meeting people in the neighbourhood. Warmth and hospitality can be found throughout this venue, whether you’re attending a live music performance or participating in a raucous quiz night.

Raw Bike Adventures

Raw Bike Adventures is your entryway to the breathtaking scenery surrounding Haslemere for people with an insatiable hunger for adventure and a passion for the great outdoors. A variety of specialised eMTBs (electric mountain bikes) and Gravel bikes are available, prepared for your upcoming mountain riding adventure. Raw Bike Adventures caters to both novice and expert mountain bikers seeking to explore unexplored routes. The stunning scenery that envelops Haslemere provides the perfect backdrop for an exciting bike ride.


Haslemere welcomes you with open arms whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a history lover, or just searching for a peaceful getaway. It’s a town that combines the warmth of the local friendliness with the beauty of the surrounding environment to create a serene and welcoming travel destination.

We hope that this tour of Haslemere has encouraged you to schedule a visit to this undiscovered treasure in the middle of Surrey. Explore Haslemere’s attractions and let its allure captivate your senses, leaving you with priceless memories and a desire to visit this beautiful region of the world again.

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