Harper’s Steakhouse Haslemere: The Perfect Vacation Getaway Spot

14 December 2023

Harper’s Steakhouse is a quaint family of steakhouses, spread throughout the East and West Coast. We are well-known for our delicious steaks, BBQ feasts, and cult cocktails. The aura of our steakhouses is homely. You sure will not get homesick during your vacation with us!

Located in lower Haslemere, Harper’s Steakhouse is fit for exploring Surrey, West Sussex, and the South Coast. We offer fun activities for you and your loved ones.

Things to Do

Harper’s Haslemere leaves a gratifying effect on everyone who comes here. The natural view coupled with the delicious food prepared by our talented chefs make your trip better.

Some of the fun activities that you can do while staying at Harper’s Haslemere are:

  1. Walking and Hiking
    The gorgeous countryside that encircles Harper’s Haslemere offers several hiking trails. Besides, there is a walking path. Greenery surrounds the path from all sides. Our famous walking and hiking trails are

    • Serpent Trail
    • Greensand Way
  2. Cycling
    There are vast grounds around Harper’s Steakhouse. The charming landscape offers routes for cycling for people of all ages.
  3. Horse Riding
    Explore the beauty of the Haslemere on horseback. The picturesque view provides a soothing experience.
  4. Golf
    The ample landscape is ideal for golfing. There are two famous local golf courses near Harper’s Haslemere.

    • Hindhead Golf Club
    • Blackmoor Golf Club
  5. Plan a party
    During your stay in Harper’s Haslemere, you can plan an event with us!

    Our friendly staff will be of service to you throughout the process. If you’re looking to arrange a get-together, a birthday party, or an intimate dinner with your loved one, Harper’s Haslemere is there for you.

    So, do not wait any further and plan a party with us!

    Whether it is a

    • Birthday party
    • Office party
    • Christmas party
    • Intimate dinner
    • Or, a wedding

    … we’re at your service!


Harper’s Haslemere is a spot that’ll alleviate your mood with its poignant Southern hospitality. The warm welcome you receive at your arrival will surely lift your mood. We aim to make your stay as memorable as possible.

For your ultimate steak-ation, Harper’s Steakhouse is your ultimate dream place! The first-rate bar setup and the aromatic steaks will make your nights wonderful. Our rooms are furnished according to the traditional designs. The artistic designs and the spacious lounges will uplift your spirit.

Each room is well-equipped with many amenities. These rooms are air-conditioned and are perfect for a cold winter’s night. The bathrooms give you a spa-like experience that you will never forget!

The internet connection in the rooms is fast. You can stay in touch with your friends and family during your vacation. You can even work online from your room. Who says vacationing has to be difficult? Harper’s Haslemere has made everything easy and fun for you!

Places to Visit

Harper’s Haslemere is surrounded by many places that you can explore during your stay here. These places will bring you in contact with nature and the history of this breathtaking countryside.

  1. Haslemere Hall
    Haslemere Hall was built in 1913 and is owned by the locals of Haslemere. This beautifully constructed hall is a theatre that can accommodate at least 300 people. You can catch old films or live performances via satellite.
  2. Happy Hands Pottery Painting
    At Happy Hands Pottery Painting, you can learn painting and embrace the inner artist in you. You’ll get to spend up to 2 hours here. This activity is ideal to nourish your inner child.
  3. Equestrian Centres
    In Haslemere, Surrey, The Equestrian Centres give you horse-riding facilities. You can take horse riding lessons and stabling. You can also take part in other fun activities like dressage and saddlery.
  4. Haslemere Educational Museum
    In Haslemere Education Museum, you get to explore the Victorian architecture. The museum has three fully equipped galleries (Geology, Natural History, Human History). The artefacts present here are well preserved. The beautifully designed library and dedicated educational room are perfect for learning about the history of the museum.
  5. English Vineyard Tours at Trotton Estate Vineyards
    Haslemere has reserved this spot for all nature lovers with a fine palate. The tranquil air of the vineyards and the guided wine-tasting tour are just what you need to make your vacation perfect!

Right next to Haslemere Station

The convenient location of Harper’s Steakhouse is the cherry on top. In the south of England, right next to Haslemere Station is your next vacation stop! The calming yet exciting vibe of the steakhouse and the juiciest steaks make our customers keep coming back for more.


The immaculate and family-friendly steakhouse offers an extensive menu. Apart from the delicious food you enjoy here, the steakhouse is surrounded by several tourist attractions. You never have a boring moment here.

The rooms are organised well and the staff welcomes you with full zeal. Stay with us and become a part of our family!

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