Harper’s Steakhouse in Weighbridge Swindon

08 February 2024

Harper’s Weighbridge Swindon is a major attraction for tourists travelling through Swindon. This small town is known for its luscious open spaces and several museums and designer outlets. From east to west coast, Harper’s is celebrated by tourists as well as foodies.

You can plunge into the richness of this town by making a cosy home at Harper’s Steakhouse. Or you could grab a quick meal through your explorations. The choice is yours!

With welcoming staff and unnumbered food and drink options, it refreshes your spirit and gives you the kick you need to carry on.


On Penzance Drive, Swindon, Harper’s Steakhouse is a calm pub offering you comforts you can’t imagine anywhere else! It is near the M4 Motorway which allows travellers to unwind.

Swindon is a great attraction for people who admire everything artsy. It is widely famous for its significance in promoting fashion and entertainment. It is a home for the Swindon Designer Outlet which has gained a lot of reputation over the last decade.

If you wish to explore the streets of Swindon with the comfort of having a happy belly, Harper’s is the place for you!

Its convenient location allows you to dive into the enriching stateside flavours during your trip.

Time to chow down!

To visit Swindon and not have a hearty meal at Harper’s sounds like a deal you lost!

Get a one-person meal or a huge one to share every bite will leave you in awe. No matter what time of the day, Harper’s is at your service whenever you need it! Each dish is prepared with love and mastery by their talented chefs. Known for its juicy and tender steaks, Harper’s also serves one of the best BBQ feasts, beers, brews, and cocktails.

Harper’s offers these daily deals at affordable prices:

  • Weekday Set Lunch (Monday – Friday)
  • Midweek Kicks (Monday – Thursday)
  • Save on Sips (Monday – Thursday)
  • Wingsday (Wednesday)
  • Taco Thursday
  • Breakfast and Brunch (Monday – Saturday)
  • Set for Sunday

The menu at Harper’s is designed such that there’s something yummy for everyone! Some of their most famous dishes are:

  1. Steaks
    Among their list of steaks, the ones that are must-tries are:

    • Bistro Rump
    • Prime Ribeye
    • Sirloin
  2. Tacos
    Tacos at Harper’s are filling and crispy. The ones you should not miss out on include:

    • Pulled pork taco
    • Buffalo chicken taco
    • Popcorn shrimp taco
  3. Main course
    From the main course portion on their menu, you have to order these to give your tastebuds delight:

    • Chicken and rib combo
    • Roasted chicken
  4. Burgers
    The juicy burgers are worth trying at Harper’s. The burgers are served with crispy fries with the skin on.

    • Bacon double Swiss burger
    • Harper’s Weighburger
    • Buttermilk chicken burger

Plan an Event

One of the great features of Harper’s is their exquisite interior and spacious dining space. Their private takeover space is ideal for any sort of celebration at very reasonable rates. The space can accommodate up to 50 people. So, whether it is an intimate drink, private dining, or a business meeting, you are promised a day you won’t forget!

This is your chance memories with your loved ones. To give your event the oomph it needs, Harper’s offers breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or buffets. Besides the mouthwatering food items, their staff also ensures you plan the event of your dreams.

Activities to Take

During your stay, if you ever feel bored, take part in these activities:

  1. Go-Karting
    Enjoy the exciting go-kart racing at any of the indoor and outdoor tracks at Harper’s. It’s a good way for you to engage your kids or have a little fun time yourself!
  2. Visit Cotswolds
    The Cotswolds region in central southwest England has some gorgeous villages, rolling hills, and scenic walks. If you’re visiting Swindon, you need to visit this area.
  3. Golfing
    Golfing is a great way to reconnect with the tranquillity of nature. You can enjoy this activity at Swindon’s golf courses, such as Broome Manor Golf Complex or Wrag Barn Golf Club.
  4. Swindon Ice Arena
    You can avail the chance to have some fun at this venue. Whether it is ice skating or playing ice hockey, this place will give you the adrenaline rush you are looking for.
  5. Paintballing
    Enjoy a game of paintball at Combat Splat Paintball. Bring your friends here and compete for victory!

Places to Visit

In addition to the aforementioned activities, make your trip memorable by visiting these places which are close to Harper’s.

  1. STEAM
    STEAM is a train museum that gives you an insight into the Great Western Railway. It has successfully restored the Grade II railway building in Swindon. To get a closer view of the magnificent locomotives, the interactive GWR Signal Box gives you a drive through the steam train simulator.
  2. Swindon Designer Outlet
    Travelling through Swindon without paying a visit to the designer outlet sounds unfair! This outlet is perfect for shopping for designer brands at discounted prices. This is your chance to shop for your family back home.
  3. Liddington Castle
    Liddington Castle is an Iron Age hillfort which stretches over 3 hectares of land. This green heaven needs to be seen and appreciated for its magnificence.
  4. Coate Water Country Park
    To end your trip on a calming note, have a picnic at Coate Water Country Park. Apart from its scenic beauty, it has several watersport activities. You may also enjoy a walk along the lake and let this charming place heal your spirits.

Honorary mentions

Some other places you can visit in Swindon and surrounding areas include:

  1. Richard Jefferies Museum
  2. Lydiard House Museum
  3. Laserquest Swindon


Harper’s Steakhouse Weighbridge Swindon is the perfect base for you while you embark on your exploration. With delicious and succulent meals and the warmest welcomes, you are destined to make your trip top-notch.

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