Harper’s Steakhouse Weighbridge: Off The Beaten Path: Swindon

16 December 2023

Hey there, greetings to all the food enthusiasts and locals in Weighbridge. Are you looking forward to a perfect meaty experience that rejuvenates your taste buds with beefy goodness? If you want a delicious escape from the usual route and want to expose yourself to something extraordinary, The Harpers (Weighbridge) in Swindon are here to rescue you all. Just like Swindon is famous for its history of railway tracks, the Harper’s Steakhouse will not get you off your culinary track.

Harper’s Steakhouse

Let me take you to Why Harper’s Steakhouse can be one of the best steak experiences in Weighbridge, Swindon.

The Harpers lies away from the busy city centre, London which provides you with a serene dining experience. In the charming villages and hills of Swindon, a warm yet elegant atmosphere is created with rich wood tones, delicate lighting, and cosy seats with friendly vibes. Only The Harpers can make your steak experience extraordinary and different from the norm.

  • A Heaven of Taste
    If you are obsessed with steaks and want comfort food with the juiciest and robust tastes from the beaches of the East and West, then this is heaven.

    You would have anything at The Harpers from rich to low-calorie, cosy to contemplative, and everything in between that is beefy or loaded. They have a lot of things in the limelight besides being well-known for their steaks and welcoming atmosphere.

    Several different small platters, such as sticky sesame chicken and calamari, Barbeque celebrations with a complete stack of ribs and chicken wings, as well as brews and traditional cocktails from America, like their famous Eddie’s Fresh Dry Skippy and Salted Caramel S’mores Martini, offered on their set menu.

    The most intriguing aspect that sets Harpers apart from other restaurants is its food list, which includes dishes that can be made vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free with a vegan option available in some of them.

  • Work from Harpers
    This steakhouse provides you with Work from Harper’s services. You can book their comfy cafe-style laptop-friendly workspace with free Wifi and plug socket facility. So, the next time you are travelling alone, meeting a client, or looking for a tranquil break to enjoy your day with some fresh coffee and croissants, just leave it to the harpers.
  • Dog-friendly
    Bring your companion along with you. Because The Harpers welcomes dogs, you can enjoy the ideal steak experience and then take your best buddy for a walk while admiring the beautiful vistas of Weighbridge.
  • An occasion to rejoice?
    If you want a perfect setting for your upcoming occasion, the Harpers will make it ideal with its multi-purpose space. Their dedicated team of chefs offers you a range of options to fit your occasion, and their flexible rooms may hold up to 70 seated guests or 100 standing people.

    From bite-sized appetisers for your guests to munch on to three-course set menus ideal for a festive dining experience, you may choose from a variety of buffet options that include sandwiches, finger food, or our assortment of tacos, sliders, and bowls for any celebration, memorial, or gathering.

Want to Discover Weighbridge with Harper’s?

  1. Swindon designer outlet
    Swindon Designer Outlet is, without a doubt, the most well-known shopping centre in the area these days, and it is only five minutes from Harpers Steakhouse. With over 100 retail establishments and a prime location next to the M4 highway, it draws over a million tourists annually.
  2. Steam Museum
    Because of its association with the historic Western Railway, the Steam Museum holds enormous significance. You may explore a visually magnificent collection of engines, locomotives, and railroad artefacts at the museum and discover the GWR’s influence on Swindon.
  3. Roves farm and Butterfly world and farm park
    Want to spend a fun day with your family on a farm? Here you have it. Roves Farm offers tractor rides in the woods and a fantastic day out. Do not miss out on the butterflies, fish ponds, and tropical flora that are appealing to the eyes at Butterfly World & Farm Park.
  4. Coate water country
    It is a beautiful lakeside location which is ideal for a fun-filled family outing. This lovely park near Swindon has a year-round café, a children’s playground, boating, and plenty of room for dog walkers and joggers.
  5. Wyvern Theatre
    This 635-seat arena features a variety of local and touring plays to suit every taste. Whether you are looking for drama, comedy, dance, or music, Wyvern Theatre has it all.

Pubs and Restaurants

While visiting Harpers Steakhouse, you may also visit several pubs in Swindon.

  • The Weighbridge Brewhouse
    Want to experience an up-to-date environment situated in an abandoned brewery and railway? Weighbridge Brewhouse is a wonderful place where you can sip beer while watching the brewing process! A fantastic selection of dishes, all professionally prepared for you by their chefs which you would enjoy.
  • Los Gatos
    Well, if you are looking for some ultimate Spanish dining then you found it. Los Gatos is here. Enjoy Spanish cuisine in a vibrant and comfortable setting in the heart of Old Town.
  • The White Hart
    Have some finest pub dining and B&B experience at the White Hart with a collection of Arkell’s beers if you want a comfortable stay with homely vibes.
  • The Sun Inn
    Next to Coate water Country Park, there is the Sun In pub which offers you awesome food, beer, and housing in Swindon so you can enjoy your ideal vacations.
  • The Baker’s Arm
    The Baker’s arm is all in one. You can enjoy live music with some ultimate dining experience. And if you are a sports freak, like football then they also have an arrangement for big screen setups.


So, if anyone is looking for a culinary journey away from the typical tourist paths in Swindon – The Harpers welcomes you all with open arms because it’s not just another restaurant, it’s a lifetime experience. Get ready for a tasty ride as we dive into the world of Harpers Steakhouse! This isn’t your average restaurant; it’s a place where amazing flavours and top-notch steaks come together to create a dining experience like no other.

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