The Best Places To Eat At Swindon Designer Outlet

12 December 2022

Pizza Express: The Perfect Place to Satisfy Your Italian Food Craving


Who doesn’t love pizza? Whether you’re busy catching up with old friends or finding the perfect summer outfit, there is always time for pizza!

What Makes Pizza Express So Special?


This popular restaurant chain has been serving up tasty pizzas and other Italian favourites since 1965. What started as a small pizza shop in London has turned into a global empire, with over 400 locations around the world. Whether you’re in the mood for classic pizza dishes or something more adventurous, Pizza Express has got you covered.


Pizza Express is a common find at large retail parks and city centres and for good reason. Each of the delicious pizzas are made to order from start to finish so they always guarantee a fresh, tasty pizza just for you.

Serving Up More Than Just Pizza Dishes


If pizza isn’t your thing, you can also find plenty of options on their huge main menu of different choices such as colourful salads, vegan nourishment bowls and harmonic pasta dishes.


Of course no Pizza Express visit is complete without their signature scrumptious dough balls from their starters and sides menu.

No matter what your dietary requirements are, whether you’re looking for a light lunch or a satisfying dinner Pizza Express has got you covered!


So next time you’re looking for a tasty lunch or dinner option, be sure to check out Pizza Express at Swindon Designer Outlet.

One For The Vegans


If you’re following a dairy-free diet, Pizza Express also has a delicious veggie and vegan menu where you can find delicious vegan alternatives to Italian classics.

A Yummy Kids Menu


Pizza Express has also put plenty of thought into their innovative children’s menu. The ‘Piccolo’ menu offers a wonderful 3 course dining experience for only £7.25!

The 3 course dining experience includes dough balls for starters, a choice of pizza dishes or fresh pasta dishes, a delicious dessert and even a bambinoccino!

Feeling Thirsty?


Pizza Express has a vibrant drinks menu where you can find an extensive range of wines, prosecco’s and cocktails. They also have a great choice of beers, ciders and gin and tonics.


If you’re cutting out the booze, you can find their nourishing ‘Sparkle’ drinks menu with flavours that include apricot and apple, elderflower and mint, raspberry and even an alcohol-free G&T.


If you need a lunchtime mid-shop pick me up, they also have a fancy coffee menu where you can find all your favourites such as cappuccinos, macchiatos and lattes – all with vegan alternatives if required.


Trust us, Pizza Express is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for great value and are stuck choosing between restaurants. As an added bonus, your taste buds will also thank you!

YO! Japanese Sushi Restaurant: A Fun and Innovative Dining Experience


If you’re looking for a fun and innovative Japanese sushi restaurant, look no further than YO!

At YO!, diners are free to pick and choose whichever dishes they would like to try from the fun conveyor belt that runs throughout the restaurant.


This makes for a fun and unique dining experience that is perfect for families, friends, and couples. Plus, with such a wide variety of delicious dishes to choose from, everyone is sure to find something they love!

How Does It Work?


Sushi is one of the most popular types of cuisine in the world, and for good reason! It’s delicious, healthy, and beautiful to look at.

But what about when you want a sushi dining experience that is a bit more special? That’s where YO! Japanese Sushi comes in. This unique restaurant offers an innovative approach to sushi dining that will have you coming back for more.


The system works by a colour system. Each of the tasty Japanese dishes are placed on a specially coloured plate and each colour has its own prices.

But don’t worry! There’s a menu that tells how much each of the dishes are and what exactly it is (which is great if you’re not yet fluent in Japanese-style food!).

It’s Not Just Sushi


At YO!, they’re known for their fresh, delicious sushi that comes in many different flavours from mild to spicy and from fish to veggie.

But what if sushi isn’t your bag? Well that’s totally fine!


They also serve up a large variety of other delicious Japanese dishes such as inari tacos, vegan, prawn and chicken katsu curry, veggie yakisoba, shiitake and oyster mushroom rice bowls, sticky beef teriyaki and huge bowls of ramen.


There’s also a tasty selection of sides such as edamame, gyoza, dynamite rolls, maki, kaiso seaweed salad and popcorn shrimp!

You can also ask the chefs to prepare a dish from the menu if you’re not seeing it go past your table on the conveyor belt.

Feeling Sweet?


If you fancy trying a traditional and delicious Japanese sweet dish, you can find a colourful choice of desserts at YO!


Some of this choice includes a cherry blossom dome, chocolate and hazelnut ice-cream mochi and dorayaki pancakes.

Each one of these dishes are bursting with beautiful colours and flavours and are perfect to try for yourself or to share with a date.

Drinks at YO!


At YO!, they offer a vibrant drinks menu which includes a great selection of wines, beers and kids drinks.

The main part of their drinks menu is actually the soft drinks section where you can find options such as Coke, Fanta and Sprite.


You can also find a whole array of adventurous Asian drinks including Cho-Lo Apple, Firefly kiwi and lime green tea and a Happy Inside lemon, yuzu and ginger drink where 1% of the profits are donated to the Mind charity.

If you really want to experience Japan style dining in all its glory, before to try a shot of sake before you leave!

Date Nights At YO!


If you’re planning a romantic day of activities at Swindon Designer Outlet, don’t forget to book a table at YO!

The innovative and fun layout of their restaurants is the perfect setting for an evening of discovering new food together (and giggles if it’s not quite what you expected!).


The teams at YO! also provide a great service and are very welcoming and attentive.

As soon as you’re through the door, you’ll be seated and served in no time and then your Japanese food adventure can begin!


So if you’re looking for a new dining experience while exploring Swindon Designer Outlet, be sure to book a table at YO! You can find their menu here.

Harper’s Steakhouse: The Perfect Option for Your Next Visit to Swindon Designer Outlet

Restaurant interior at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

If you’re looking for a delicious meal that will tantalize your taste buds, look no further than Harper’s Steakhouse!

This renowned restaurant is located within Swindon Designer Outlet and offers an array of mouth-watering options for the whole family.

Preparing a cocktail at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

Whether you’re in the mood for something hearty like a pristine steak or something lighter like a fresh salad, Harper’s has got you covered.

And don’t forget to save room for dessert – their apple and blueberry cobbler is to die for!

A First Class Option for The Whole Family

Enjoying food at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

We know that it can be difficult to find a place to eat when you have you a whole tribe that each have their own favourite food and dislikes.

Harper’s Steakhouse is here to save the day and to make your visit to Swindon Designer Outlet that whole much easier and stress-free.

Enjoying food at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

Whether you’re booking a table for their lunchtime menu or their evening experience, you can find something to make everyone happy.

The Finest Steak in Town

The best cuts of steak at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

Harper’s Steakhouse pride themselves on their choice of steak cuts, but it actually goes a lot further than that. They specifically choose farmer’s to hand rear their grass-fed cattle which are fully traceable back to the farm.

Preparing steak at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

Each prime cut of steak is aged for a minimum of 28 days which gives them that high quality, pristine texture and flavour. Harper’s also source native cattle that include Galloway, Shorthorn and Hereford and are raised on farms in Ireland and across the UK.

Flame grilled steak at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

After the minimum of 28 days ageing has passed, the delicious steaks are ready to be handed over to the master butcher’s where they expertly cut the perfect steak.

It is then down to the highly trained chefs to make sure the juicy steaks are cooked to perfection specially for you, just tell them how you like it!

Don’t Forget The Magic Sauce

The best cuts of steak at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

Okay, so you have your perfectly raised and cooked steak, but what’s missing? Of course, the delicious drizzle of full-packed flavours.

You can choose between a rich red wine bordelaise, traditional garlic and parsley butter, burly béarnaise, classic peppercorn, punchy stilton, or zingy chimichurri.

Delicious steak at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

Each steak dish is also accompanied by chunky chips, dauphinoise potatoes, truffle and parmesan fries or delicious sweet potato fries.

What If I’m Not Big On Steaks?

Selection of food at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

Not to worry! Harper’s Steakhouse’s menu is huge, and I mean H.U.G.E! So you and everyone dining with you will definitely find a food dish that suits them perfectly.

How About An Incredibly Juicy Burger?

Delicious burger at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

Their main menu offers scrumptious food options such as burgers with all different flavours including The Original Weighburger, pulled pork with luxurious nacho cheese, Philly cheese steak, buttermilk chicken and a grilled aubergine and wild mushroom vegan option.

Each of the flavour-rich burgers are served with delicious home cooked fries and a refreshing house slaw.

Something From The Deep?

Selection of food at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

Harper’s main menu also has a dedicated section for sea food lovers which includes yummy options such as shrimp ‘Po Boy’, traditional crispy fish and chips, prawn, smoked salmon and crab cocktails and fresh calamari.

Plenty Of Veggie and Vegan Options Too!

Delicious vegetarian food at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

While it may seem unheard of for there to be wonderful veggie or even vegan options at a steakhouse, Harper’s have also included these in their menu.

You can enjoy fantastic flavours such as ‘The Wedge’, a chargrilled watermelon steak, a cauli steak, the grilled aubergine and field mushroom burger, avocado, tomato and mozzarella salad and buffalo hot cauli wings .

(It’s also incredibly good to know that their hot, crispy onion rings are also VEGAN!)

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Delicious breakfast at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

Harper’s isn’t just a one stop for food at only one time of day, they also have an invigorating breakfast menu, a lighter lunchtime menu and a delicious dinner menu.

A Fun Kids Menu

Burger and fries at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

Of course they’ve also thought of the little ones and given them a menu of their own where they can find a yummy breakfast selection, starters, mains and dessert options!

Mid-Week Dining Offers

Restaurant interior at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

Not visiting on a Saturday? We hear you and so does Harper’s, that’s why they have a fantastic selection of mid-week food offers such as 2 courses for £15.99, the American BBQ Feast for 2 people for £35 and a selection of small plates for just £4 each!

Sunday’s At Harper’s Steakhouse

Roast pork at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

You will definitely want to mark a Sunday in your calendar to sit in at Harper’s Steakhouse on a Sunday.

Sure, you’ve had a roast dinner before, but have you ever had a Harper’s Steakhouse roast dinner with all the trimmings? As you’re still reading, I think not!

With an incredibly indulgent choice of roast beef, chicken, belly pork, a trio of meats or a flavour rich nut roast, you’re sure to start your Sunday dinner off as a winner.

The Surprise

Delicious vegetarian food at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

Along with delicious, fresh seasonal vegetables, Yorkshire puddings, cauliflower cheese and homemade gravy, you can also fill up on UNLIMITED roast or dauphinoise potatoes!

Who says dreams don’t come true?

Delectable Drink Offers

Selection of drinks behind the bar at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

They also have a wonderful range of offers for mid-week drinks from the bar to enjoy with your food. You can find the team serving a bucket (I repeat, A BUCKET) of beer for only £20, pitchers starting from £7.95 and 2 for £14 on cocktails.

Delicious vegetarian food at Harpers SteakHouse Swindon Weighbridge

So whether you’re looking for some great value and delicious food to kickstart your day, a quick pit stop for the family or a romantic date night dining in, Harper’s restaurants have options that everyone will love. There’s a reason it’s one of the best restaurants in Swindon, so be sure to book your table now. Booking information can be found here. Enjoy!

Wagamama: Add Some Zing To Your Shopping Trip


If you’re looking for a delicious, Asian-inspired restaurant to visit where you can catch up with old friends over a steaming bowl of ramen or have a casual date while sharing a delicious katsu curry, Wagamamas is the perfect place!

This chain of restaurants offer a variety of tasty food dishes that will appeal to meat lovers, seafood fans, vegans and gluten-free diners alike.

Whether you’re in the mood for some yummy food such as steaming hot ramen noodles or crispy tempura vegetables, Wagamama’s has something for everyone to love.

How Wagamama Works


If you’re eating in, you may need to be prepared to sit at a table with strangers during busy times.

They’re not regular tables so you won’t be making awkward conversation or sharing your food with new people – unless you really want to!


Each dish is a made-fresh-to-order-service so they generally bring out everything as it comes, regardless of what you and your friends have ordered. Everything is always steaming hot, delicious and leaves you wanting more!

The service is friendly, welcoming and fast-paced but you’re never in a rush to leave.

Stay as long as you need to satisfy your Asian food craving!

Wagamama’s Ramen: What is it?


Ramen is a delicious Japanese noodle dish that is typically made with chicken, pork broth or vegetable broth that has been simmering away for hours – sometimes even overnight.

Ramen can be enjoyed for lunch or an evening meal and also features thin noodles and fresh, crunchy vegetables and is a great choice if you’re watching the pounds. It is often served with a soft boiled egg, green onions and your choice of topping, usually beef, chicken, pork, tofu or fish.


Wagamama’s Ramen dishes come in a variety of flavours and styles, so there is something for everyone!

You can choose between Teriyaki ‘chicken’ (vegan), miso glazed cod, spicy short ‘rib’ (vegan), chilli steak or chicken, tantanmen beef brisket, shirodashi (slow-cooked pork belly) and yummy coated silken tofu ramen.


Be warned though, the portions served at Wagamama restaurants are LARGE, so make sure you’re both hungry and thirsty for a delicious bowl of Wagamama ramen!

A Cool, Modern Environment


Wagamama’s humungous portions of food make it a great value place for eating in and the modern, Asian-inspired décor is a cool place to bring your friends whether it’s for lunch or an evening of slurping noodles together!


The high quality food is also a wonderful affordable option if you would like to take your date somewhere new and if you can’t finish your meal, they offer a takeaway service too!

Giraffe: The Place For Trendy Foodies


If you haven’t heard of Giraffe yet, I’d be very surprised. These vibrant and rustic eateries are popping up all over the country and they’re serving up delicious food from all over the world. This Giraffe which sits in the Swindon outlet is the perfect pit-stop to indulge in some honest to goodness nutrition.

The Nibbles Menu


Giraffe is a hipster-friendly place to catch up with friends over some fresh food, nutritious smoothies, vibrant cocktails or some home-squeezed lemonade. If you’re looking for a place to have a quick pick and nibble while you’re busy chatting about the old days, Giraffe is the perfect place for you.

Awaken Your Soul With The Giraffe Breakfast Menu


Giraffe has outdone themselves with their wonderful and tempting breakfast food menu.

Here you can fill up on options such as a divine Moroccan breakfast, a Mexican tostada plate, a veggie and Giraffe special brunch plate, bacon and maple syrup pancakes and eggs benedict.


All of these dishes are made with nutritious and whole foods that will give you the energy you need to take on the day!

Of course a good morning always begins with a steaming hot cup of coffee (or mimosa!), so be sure to add one of their freshly pressed coffees to your food order!

Nutritious Goddess Smoothies


Giraffe also offers a colourful selection of fresh smoothies with innovative ingredients, here are just a few from the menu:

  • Coconut with pineapple, mint, mango and lime

  • Rolled oats with blueberries, raspberries, banana and flax seeds

  • Ginger with blueberries, carrot, banana and courgette

If they’re not the perfect way to start your day, then who knows what is!

The Brunch Menu


If you woke up a little late and almost skipped breakfast but it’s not quite lunchyet, you can rely on Giraffe restaurants to provide your body with the food it’s craving.

On their delicious brunch food menu, you can find tasty food such as the vegetarian and Giraffe special all day brunch, smashed avocado on toast with added nutritious seeds, ham and slow cooked pork Cuban and fish finger sandwiches, just to name a few!

Vegan Options


From the Nibbles menu to the Dessert menu, there’s a glorious abundance of vegan options.

You can find food with incredible flavours such as Korean banana blossoms, Japanese katsu curries, vegan hoisin salads, southern chicken-less burgers, beer battered onion rings, seasoned fries, edamame nibbles, vegan sausage rolls served with a crispy has brown, chocolate fudge cakes and many more!

Wait, Circle Back To The Burger Menu?

If you’re choosing between restaurants for either lunch or an evening meal, Giraffe offers a deliciously juicy burger menu.

You can find exciting burger flavours such as soft shell crab, the rodeo burger with herby chicken and bacon, smoked gravy burger and more!


As it’s burger-time, why not treat yourself to a fancy drink from the bar, a cold beer, colourful cocktail or a refreshing G&T anyone?

A Rustic Kids Menu

Children dining in are also welcome to be served from their very own menu with tasty, nutritious food options. Whether they’re looking at the breakfasts made with free-range eggs or the hidden 10 pasta (with 10 hidden veggies, shh!).

For dessert they can try yummy seasonal fruit skewers with chocolate dipping sauce for dessert (it’s not just me, right? The kids menu is always better!).

They’re sure to find something they’re going to absolutely love.


So that’s all from me, I hope this post helped in your search for the perfect dining experience for you, your friends and your family!

There’s so many great restaurants at Swindon Designer Outlet and if you’re still unsure where to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Harper’s Steakhouse is my personal favourite!

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