Bon Voyage: Sailing Courses at Swanwick Marina

01 March 2023

Looking for a new adventure along the South Coast? Why not give sailing a try!

Swanwick Marina offers a variety of courses for beginners to get out on the water and start enjoying the great outdoors. Families are welcome, so come on down and make some memories this summer. Bon voyage!

Boating to Better Health


Learning to sail in Swanwick Marina is a great opportunity that has long-lasting benefits for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

It’s an experience that allows you to find balance and understand yourself better in an environment away from the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life.

The supportive atmosphere, great instructors and relaxed environment offer great conditions to learn. What’s more, sailing in the Solent will continue to provide both a challenge and an escape whatever the weather or sea conditions!

Training Your Body and Mind


It’s been shown that learning to sail boats has many physical and mental health benefits that includes:

  • Mental wellness – Being one with nature and stripping life back the basics is a great way to unwind and promotes a more relaxed mindset. Nothing beats being on board in the midst of summer with the warm sunshine embracing you as float along with waves for miles whilst you read and hydrate with some ice-cool water.

  • Team building with your family – When was the last time yur family really sat down together and had fun working together as a team? You’ll be surprised at how sailing can bring out the support and teamwork in your family as you hoist ropes and sail the vast sealands.

  • Builds confidence – If you’re like me and you’re a little bit anxious about starting new things, sailing is a great way to improve your confidence. Unlike the terrifying nightmare of learning to drive in an action packed city, learning ‘the ropes’ of sailing can give you back your confidence power. There will be great instructors on board that will give you handy, informative tips and will always be in contact distance if you panic. The great thing about sailing is that if you mess up – no one will see! So take back control of your mindset and join a sailing course this summer at Swanwick Marina.

  • Improves strength, agility and endurance – While there’s plenty of learning required on your first day skipper practical, it won’t be long before you’re hiring yachts and managing the tides. With practice, your mind will become more relaxed and more in-tune with your body. You’ll become more agile as you side-step across the gunwales and your strength will improve as you align the sails with the wind.

RYA Boat Sailing Courses in Swanwick Marina


Looking for a fun and unique way to spend your South Coast summer vacation? Why not sign up for one of Urban Truant or FlexiSail boat sailing courses in Swanwick Marina or try your hand as a day skipper!

This is a great opportunity to learn how to sail and explore the beautiful coastline. The courses are suitable for all levels, so whether you’re a beginner or experienced sailor, you’ll be able to find a course that’s perfect for you.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start planning your amazing summer adventure cruising the calming waters of the Solent!

Urban Truant Boat Sailing Courses in Swanwick Marina – The Perfect Way to Learn How to Sail the Solent!


Learning to sail at Swanwick Marina and along the Hamble River is easy and fun with access to RYA boat sailing courses provided by Urban Truant!

Experience the thrill of sailing as a RYA coastal skipper on the peaceful waters of the Port Solent as a day skipper or learn more advanced skills on River Hamble.

Their team of certified RYA instructors ensures the highest quality teaching, and all equipment is provided for your use.

Whether you’re interested in just a taster session or want to develop your skills and gain certification, Urban Truant have a course perfect for everyone.

Join them at Swanwick Marina and start your journey towards becoming a skilled sailor!

Their Experienced and Qualified Instructors Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know


With access to all the necessary equipment, Their experienced and qualified instructors have your back to make sure you learn everything you need to know about yachts and other boats!

Perfect for beginners or pros alike, the service they provide comes with access to their offshore course at the Urban Truant RYA Training Centre and the possibility of taking an exam afterwards which provides you with your boat qualifications.

As a day skipper, you can learn boat handling, prepare for a smooth sailing journey, and master navigation and safety rules.

Yachts, Motorboats and More!


From yachts, motorboats, power boats and even to offshore training, they offer it all.

Their boats come with all the latest safety equipment, meaning even those new to sailing can have a worry-free holiday.

If you’re looking for something smaller yet just as enjoyable as a yacht, their selection of powerboats range from luxury to simplicity, catering to whatever budget you have available.

You can guarantee that at the Urban Truant RYA Training Centre, you’ll be able to find the perfect boat whatever your needs may be – so why not book your sessions either through their online website or give them a call today today and explore the cruising grounds of the quiet upper reaches of the Solent this summer!

Join One Of FlexiSail’s Popular RYA Sailing Courses

Are you passionate about sailing? Looking to join a popular FlexiSail RYA sailing course along the Port Solent? Here’s everything you need to know!

FlexiSail is a yacht training company that offers professional and recreational sailors the opportunity to learn new skills or improve their existing ones . They have a fleet of 11 yachts – most of which can be hired at their Hamble River site.

Why Take a FlexiSail RYA Sailing Course?


FlexiSail is an excellent choice for anyone with an interest to learn how to sail the Solent, even with no prior exam or experience! With their RYA training courses to suit any level, you can earn an RYA sailing certificate and enhance your skills.

On the course you will be examined to a high standard, with access to a good selection of yachts in the beautiful cruising grounds of the South Coast.

Plus, they have helpful staff on hand to help with whatever you need. A FlexiSail training course is definitely worth considering if you want the perfect training experience and would love to explore the quiet upper reaches of the Solent and its miles of vast open waters!

What Will You Learn on a FlexiSail RYA Sailing Course?


On a FlexiSail RYA sailing course based in the Port Solent, you’ll get to explore the wonderful relaxing power of sailing!

From learning the basics of boat control, to mastering essential rigging and navigation skills, you will be provided with all of the knowledge and confidence necessary to become an experienced sailor.

Plus, you’ll gain a good selection of varying disciplines such as anchoring, mooring and night sailing.

If this wasn’t enough you’ll also have access to their incredible RYA instructors who have vast sailing experience, ready to answer all your questions.

With a FlexiSail RYA sailing course, you are guaranteed to leave in a confident sea-ready state!

Cruising for Some Delicious Food around the Solent?

Freshly cooked steak at Harper's Steakhouse Southampton, Swanwick Marina

It’s vital for sailing trip must end with a delicious meal to bring your perfect trip together. Harper’s Steakhouse has restaurants situated in different locations across the UK, and lucky for us – there’s one at Swanwick Marina!

Harper’s Steakhouses are not just your usual ‘British steak pubs’, they also offer a fantastic array of flavourful dishes.

Selection of food at Harper's Steakhouse Southampton, Swanwick Marina

From master-butcher cut steaks to incredibly satisfying vegan dishes and of course, no sailing trip would be complete without some delicious fresh seafood which you can also find at Harper’s!

So whether you’re on a sea-filled family holiday, walking the length of the River Hamble or just taking a break from work, be sure to clear your mind and fill your tastebuds with a delectable meal delivered by Harper’s Steakhouse.

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