Harper’s Steakhouse near Lower Swanwick

06 February 2024

A laid-back space offering a calming environment where you can cherish the complexity of meaty flavours. Harper’s Steakhouse gives you everything you need as you explore the nature surrounding Southampton and nearby areas.

In addition to its convenient location, it hands you flavours, spacious rooms, and interactive events to make your stay memorable!


Harper’s Steakhouse is a part of a rich family of steakhouses in Hampshire. It is near Lower Swanwick at the eastern end of Bursledon Bridge. Along A23, the beautiful waters of River Hamble surround the area.

This is the perfect adobe for your travels, which is enveloped for half a mile by Southampton Water right down to the Hamble’s mouth.

Because of its ideal location, you’ll never have an idle moment at Harper’s Steakhouse. There’s an endless list of places to explore!

And, in case of an emergency, you have hospitals and banks right across the corner.

  1. Nearby Hospitals
    1. Southampton General Hospital
    2. Royal South Hants Hospital
  2. Nearby Banks
    1. Barclays
    2. Lloyds Bank
    3. NatWest
    4. HSBC

Flavours to dive in!

Can’t find a place to feast with your friends and family? Look no more! Harper’s Steakhouse provides you with flavours of immense richness. Steaks and meals of all kinds are cooked to perfection.

Whether it’s a weekday lunch, weekend meals, breakfast and brunch, or just a quick drink, everything is available here. Their menu is carefully curated to give your tastebuds the treat they need.

  1. Steaks
    To have the ultimate steak-action of your life, dive into these delights, and you won’t regret it!

    1. Bistro Rump
    2. Sirloin
    3. Ribeye

    If you want to gobble all of it, order their sharing platter and enjoy the huge feast with your friends and family.

  2. Tacos
    A good taco that is destined to enhance the quality of your trip is at nowhere but Harper’s.

    1. Pulled pork taco
    2. Popcorn shrimp taco
    3. Buffalo chicken taco
  3. Meaty Buns
    Indulge in their iconic and filling burgers and make your stay worthwhile!

    1. Bacon double Swiss burger
    2. Harper’s Weighburger
    3. Ultimate burger
    4. Plant-based burger (vegan)
  4. Desserts
    To have a hearty meal and not end it in dessert is a crime on its own! At Harper’s Steakhouse, these desserts are just what you’re looking for:

    1. Apple and cinnamon pie
    2. Smores waffle
    3. Lemon cheesecake

    Order a hot drink with your dessert, and you get a perfect breakfast!

  5. Honorary Mentions
    These meaty delights deserve to be included in the list of their masterfully crafted meals:

    1. Badass Tomahawk
    2. BBQ platter
    3. Chicken and rib combo
    4. Finger-licking wings

Spacious rooms and a gorgeous view

The rooms at Harper’s Steakhouse work as an ideal base as you traverse through Southampton, Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight, and the Solent. You can also explore the scenic waterside villages of the Hamble.

These rooms are designed spaciously, giving you enough space for a cosy stay. Harper’s Steakhouse is a relaxing pub with a private dining space. There are function and meeting rooms where you can hold any event of your choice!

You can enjoy all of this and more at very reasonable prices starting from £169 per room for one night.

Activities to Take

While staying at Harper’s, you can engage in many fun and interactive activities. This is your chance to reconnect with nature and spend quality time with your loved ones.

  • Boat Tours
    Explore the coastline under a clear blue sky and take a boat tour of the Solent. Relish the view of the Isle of Wight and be united with the rawness of nature.
  • Watersport and sailing
    Southampton’s coastal location gives you the perfect opportunity to engage in watersport activities, like kayaking, paddleboarding, and sailing.
  • Southampton Common
    Visit Southampton Common which is a large park with several open spaces, ponds, and sports facilities. You can have a calm picnic with your family or have a quiet walk with your loved ones.
  • Shopping at Westquay
    Westquay is present at the heart of Southampton. This shopping mall is the place where you can gather souvenirs for your family back home. With many shops, restaurants, and entertainment units, Westquay is ideal for a good unwinding session.

Places to Visit

Because of its ideal location, there are countless places that you can visit during your stay at Harper’s. Some of those places are:

  • Southampton City Walls
    The medieval city walls of Southampton give you a glimpse of the city’s rich history and origins.
  • Solent Sky Museum
    Solent Sky Museum is enriched with the history of aviation in Southampton and the Solent. It is an ideal place for all aeronautics enthusiasts.
  • Hawthorns Urban Wildlife Centre
    This nature park is the absolute space to dive into the knowledge of wildlife in Southampton and surrounding areas.
  • Pickwell Farm
    If your love language is picking strawberries together, this Burseldon farm is in the right place for you.

Interactive Events

Near Harper’s, there is always an interactive event taking place. These events keep your mind fresh and give you a new perspective. Some of the events that you need to look into are:

  1. Alfie Boe (Musical)
  2. Paul Smith Joker (Comic fiction)
  3. 80s Silent Disco (Concert)
  4. Loose Women Live (Talk Show)
  5. Southampton Preloved Vintage Kilo (Fashion Show)


Harper’s Steakhouse is a cosy pub that promises to give you everything you need as you embark on the journey of exploration in Swanwick. From delicious hearty meals to comfortable accommodation, you create many beautiful memories. The convenient location offers you a chance to explore nature and reconnect with yourself from a very safe space!

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