Harper’s Steakhouse Swanwick: Crafting Culinary Masterpieces at Our Prime Steakhouse

17 December 2023

Situated in Swanwick, a bit to the eastern end of Bursledon Bridge, Harper’s Steakhouse is a laid-back steakhouse with immaculate vibes. From delicious foods to innumerable fun activities, Harper’s Steakhouse offers it all. So, bring your kids here and forget your troubles in the arms of England!

Our motto is to create the perfect environment for you. The calm atmosphere and the impeccable combination of aromatic food and exquisite view promise to give you the experience of your lifetime.

Right next to Haslemere Station

On your way from the city of Southampton towards Lower Swanwick, you find the perfect getaway where you can relax and enjoy the fully loaded flavours of America.

Harper’s Steakhouse is right next to the Haslemere railway station. So, if you’re arriving in Haslemere and looking for a place to stay where you can cherish the cloudy sky while devouring some delicious American steaks, Harper’s Steakhouse is the right place for you!

Craft special memories

Come to Harper’s Steakhouse and let us transform your idea into a spectacular event. We’ll be your events’ architects. All you’ll need to do is sit back and make unforgettable memories!

At Harper’s Steakhouse, we host:

  • Intimate get-togethers
  • Formal office parties
  • Weddings
  • Christmas parties
  • Birthday parties

… and so much more!

Apart from events, there are countless fun activities that you can participate in during your stay at Harper’s Steakhouse.

  1. Boat Tour
    To enjoy the scenic beauties of the Isle of Wright, you can take a boat tour of the Solent. The beautiful view of the coastline is very refreshing and soothing.
  2. Shopping at Westquay 
    If you’re looking to collect souvenirs from your trip to Southampton, Westquay is ideal. You will find several restaurants, shopping malls, and places of entertainment in this shopping centre.
  3. Southampton Common
    Southampton Common is the right destination if you find solace in nature. It’s a grand park in Southampton with open spaces, a sports area, and woodlands. And the clean ponds are home to many birds. They make the view a hundred times better!
  4. Watersport and Sailing
    Close to Harper’s Steakhouse, you will find many watersport activities, thanks to its coastal location. Choose the one that resonates with you the most!

    • Kayaking
    • Paddleboarding
    • Sailing

Explore Your Dream Stay

Here at Harper’s Steakhouse, you get to explore your dream stay! We succeeded in organising the perfect vacation spot for all our customers, and we promise to satisfy you as well.

  • Feast with us
    Our extensive menu offers several options. From your comfort food to masterfully prepared cocktails, we have you covered! Everything is set as per your liking. Our specially crafted menu of flavourful dishes and mouthwatering drinks will give your palate the delights it deserves!

    Some of our best-known speciality dishes that you must try are:

    • Bistro Rump
      The medium rare piece of our bistro rump steak is tender and melts perfectly in your mouth. The charred and crispy outer layer of the steak couples well with the juicy inside.
    • Prime Ribeye
      Our prime ribeye steak is seasoned to perfection. The meat falls off the bone, and each bite is filled with the flavours of a fine American steakhouse.
    • Baja fish taco
      The crispy fish is stuffed with red onions and our delicious chipotle sauce and guacamole in freshly baked taco shells.
    • Roast chicken
      The roast chicken at Harper’s Steakhouse is juicy and moist. The seasoning of the chicken brings out the flavours of the meat exceptionally.
  • Cozy rooms to stay
    Besides our quintessential food options, we make sure everything about your stay is planned ideally. Our rooms are spacious and warm. The windows give a scenic view of the beauties of Southampton.

    All the bathrooms are well-equipped. They provide a spa-like retreat for our homey fellows. The amenities present in each room guarantee a pleasant stay for you and your family!

    With a superb internet connection, Harper’s Steakhouse ensures that you stay in touch with your friends and family. You can work from your room or remain connected with your family back home during your vacation. Our staff is friendly and prepares your room with love and warmth.

Places to visit 

During your stay at Harper’s Steakhouse, there are several remarkable places that you can visit.

  1. Southampton City Walls
    Tour through the city walls built around Roman and Anglo-Saxon settlements in Southampton. Explore the city’s historical significance.
  2. Solent Sky Museum
    You can go to the Solent Sky Museum if you’re interested in exploring the history of aviation in Southampton and the Solent Area.
  3. Mayflower Theatre
    For a night filled with fun and entertainment, visit the Mayflower Theatre. Here you can enjoy musical performances, concerts, and plays.
  4. Greyladyes Arts Foundation
    Situated in the village of Bursledon on the River Hamble, Greyladyes Arts Foundation is the perfect getaway for art enthusiasts. This art and heritage centre hosts many art performances, courses, and workshops.
  5. Pickwell Farm
    If you’re staying at Harper’s Steakhouse from early June to mid-July, this is a must-visit for you! In this green wonderland in Bursledon, you can explore nature and enjoy the juicy and tasteful strawberries.


For your ideal vacation, delicious food, and impeccable vibe, Harper’s Steakhouse is at your service!

Present in the heart of Southampton, we provide you with the best opportunity to unravel the natural wonders of this beautiful town. We promise to make you forget your worries and simply enjoy our aromatic steaks with the wine of your choice.

Come to us for the experience of your lifetime!

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