Introduction to Harpers Steakhouse, Swindon

26 April 2024

In search of a delicious brunch destination in Swindon that offers a lovely atmosphere, a friendly service and good quality produce? We’ve got you covered at Harper’s Steakhouse!

Key Takeaways

  • Harper’s Steakhouse Weighbridge is a family dining house in Swindon that offers an American food experience with a variety of dishes including steaks, BBQ feasts, small plates and craft beers, complemented by British warmth and hospitality. Not to mention their fresh seafood and beautiful vegan options too! There really is something for everyone to love at Harper’s Steakhouse.

  • The steakhouse caters to various events and private dining experiences with tailored packages, offering an atmosphere for casual dining as well as a private takeover space that can accommodate up to 50 people for special occasions.

  • Located conveniently near Swindon Designer Outlet, Harper’s Steakhouse provides an accessible spot for both locals and visitors to enjoy its diverse menu, celebrated Sundays, and the ability to explore local attractions, making it an ideal destination for a comprehensive Swindon experience.

Harper’s Steakhouse, Weighbridge

Interior of the restaurant in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Situated on Penzance Drive, Swindon’s Harper’s Steakhouse Weighbridge stands out as a culinary highlight.

It’s ideally located for those wanting to combine their retail therapy at the nearby Swindon Designer Outlet with an enjoyable dining experience.

Easily accessible to both residents and visitors of Swindon alike, this restaurant offers an inviting place to dine not far from town’s main hubs.

Harper’s Steakhouse represents a unique fusion where American casual dining meets traditional British hospitality.

Salting a steak in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

The venue radiates diversity from its eclectic menu selections right down to its ambiance – marrying the quintessential steakhouse vibe with chic contemporary touches.

This creates a relaxed yet sophisticated setting suitable for diverse occasions.

Exceptional service is the hallmark of the Harper’s Steakhouse experience, marked by staff who are ever-ready to suggest dishes off the menu, cater to bespoke dietary needs or preferences, and ensure every patron departs contented.

With provisions for meat aficionados as well as vegetarians. Each member of Harper’s team is dedicated to personalising your meal into an unforgettable event.

Places for Brunch in Swindon: Book a Table Today

Breakfast egg muffin in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Securing a reservation at Harper’s Steakhouse opens the door to a gastronomic adventure that showcases flavours from across America. To plan your day in Swindon, we recommend you’ll need two hours to soak up all the flavours and atmosphere that Harper’s has to offer. The very friendly staff and first-class food quality, makes Harper’s exceptionally great value for everyone.

The diverse menu at this establishment presents an array of selections sure to satisfy any taste preference, including:

  • Succulent steaks

  • Tantalising small plates

  • Hearty BBQ offerings

  • Specialty craft beers

Nestled in Swindon’s bustling centre, Harper’s Steakhouse offers patrons a true slice of American cuisine.

Regardless of the time you decide to dine, Harper’s restaurant provides an all-day dining option brimming with enticing meals. It features not just weekday specials but also signature Sunday roasts—each contributing variety and intrigue through their frequently updated menu items. Sundays are particularly special as guests can indulge in mouthwatering breakfast options complemented by soothing funk and soul tunes for ultimate weekend relaxation.

A table full of food in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Beyond everyday dining pleasures, Harper’s Steakhouse is also equipped for:

  • Exclusive events and celebratory gatherings over drinks

  • Seating capacity up to 50 people which allows them to cater comfortably both large and small groups

Harper’s prides itself on offering custom packages designed upon request so that each event held within its walls mirrors the distinct character of those celebrating it.

Book a Room

Chicken burger with onion rings in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

If you’re in the process of organising a private gathering, Harper’s Steakhouse is your ideal destination. It’s an excellent spot for hosting anything from professional meetings and birthday celebrations to intimate family affairs. The restaurant boasts a dedicated space that can host up to 50 attendees, with versatility in room arrangements to ensure an event tailored just right.

Harper’s Steakhouse distinguishes itself by customising events to meet guest preferences meticulously. They present a variety of catering selections encompassing:

  • breakfast

  • brunch

  • lunch

  • dinner

  • buffets

To design an event package that impeccably aligns with your needs, all it takes is sending them an enquiry.

Choose Harper’s Steakhouse as the backdrop for your celebration and transform it into something truly unforgettable.

American Dining As It Should Be

Chicken burger and chips in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Step into Harper’s Steakhouse, where the relaxed vibe of our eateries echoes the bold flavours found from coast to coast across America. With a menu that spans from hearty comfort foods to conscious eating options—whether indulgent or calorie-conscious—and specialises in robust, beefy dishes as well as loaded favourites. Central to it all is their passion for steak, creating an iconic dish that has endeared them to patrons far and wide.

Their renowned steaks are just the beginning. At Harper’s Steakhouse, you’ll find a delightful selection of small plates and BBQ platters crafted with care to ignite your palate. The dedication of this restaurant doesn’t stop with food—the drink offerings include handpicked American craft beers and brews alongside an expertly curated cocktail list designed specifically to enhance the dining experience.

Delicious cuts of steak in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Harper’s Steakhouse transcends mere dining—it serves as a retreat where friends and family can gather for memorable moments over great meals. Amidst its kicked-back atmosphere full of warmth and relaxation, every meal shared within these walls promises more than sustenance but also treasured times—a testament why visiting Harper’s isn’t just about eating but savouring life’s pleasures amidst wonderful company.

We Got You

Selection of steaks, burgers and sides in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

At Harper’s Steakhouse, the motto is straightforward: they have your back. No matter what time you drop by, what event you’re celebrating, or how ravenous you are, Harper’s promises to fulfil your appetite desires. With a menu that boasts their renowned steaks and platters for sharing available at any hour of the day, dining pleasure is always on hand.

Come midweek and experience an exciting culinary twist as Harper’s Steakhouse jazzes up its offerings with flavourful dishes inspired by both coasts. And if it’s something more modest in portion size you seek, consider selecting from their breakfast or brunch selections — classics reimagined with delightful surprises included.

The real gem of their repertoire unfolds on Sundays at this eatery where mornings begin leisurely with options like toasted sourdough bread and evolve into hearty roast feasts accompanied by smooth funk & soul rhythms that set a relaxed vibe for the best day to dine out all week. For those looking to sip something special while they unwind. Expert bartenders are ready to mix top-tier cocktails alongside fine craft beers and select brews which ensure the festive mood doesn’t wane.

Something To Celebrate?

Serving a gin and tonic in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Joyous occasions are best accompanied by laughter, happiness, and exceptional food. Harper’s Steakhouse excels in transforming any event into an extraordinary gastronomic celebration. Their exclusive space for private events is ideal for convivial drinks, intimate dining experiences, and professional gatherings with a capacity to host up to 50 guests depending on the arrangement of the room.

For various types of celebrations including birthdays, anniversaries or business affairs, Harper’s Steakhouse presents an extensive menu that includes options such as:

  • breakfast

  • brunch

  • lunch

  • dinner

  • buffets

They offer customisable catering packages designed to meet your particular tastes and requirements while ensuring every occasion remains distinctively memorable—and all at prices that won’t break the bank.

If you’re planning a celebratory event and wish it filled with top-tier hospitality, Harper’s is your go-to spot. Revel in their mouth-watering cuisine complemented by impeccable service at this quintessential venue—it’s truly a place where cherished life milestones are celebrated over delectable dishes and heartwarming toast.

Explore The Area

Enjoying some drinks in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Conveniently positioned near the Swindon Designer Outlet, Harper’s Steakhouse offers a prime location for those aiming to discover what this area has to offer. The transformation of Swindon from an unassuming market town into a vibrant centre teeming with fashion and fun is epitomised by its widely acclaimed Designer Outlet.

Ever since it opened its doors in 1997, the Swindon Designer Outlet has been drawing crowds looking for high-quality designer goods at reduced prices. Situated merely a brief five-minute journey away from Harper’s Steakhouse, you can treat yourself to some shopping before enjoying a sumptuous meal at the restaurant.

The entertainment doesn’t end with shopping though. Swindon boasts various cultural and historical landmarks begging exploration. Here’s how one might spend an unforgettable day there.

  1. Kick off your morning or midday with breakfast or brunch at Harper’s Steakhouse.

  2. Follow up your hearty meal with an afternoon spree within the walls of the Designer Outlet.

  3. Conclude your outing by checking out other intriguing attractions around town.

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Instagram worthy food in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Stay connected with Harper’s Steakhouse by keeping an eye on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Their feeds are consistently filled with mouthwatering images of sumptuous meals, information about exciting upcoming events, and exclusive promotions. Following them is the perfect way to stay informed so you never skip a beat on what’s new.

By following Harper’s Steakhouse online, you get the chance to:

  • Interact directly with the restaurant and its patrons

  • Share insights from your own dining experiences

  • Post snapshots of your dishes

  • Provide feedback through reviews

This engagement not only aids in enhancing food quality and service at Harper’s but also offers a platform for connecting over shared gastronomic interests when your delicious meal arrives—complete with granary bread—and you can enjoy all this while taking advantage of free wifi thanks to placing that appetising food order.

Good News

Enjoying a table full of food in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

In today’s digital era, maintaining a connection is simpler than ever. Harper’s Steakhouse takes advantage of this by providing an opportunity to stay informed through their newsletter service. Subscribing allows you to have the most recent updates, special deals, and promotional information delivered directly to your email throughout the year.

Being on the Harper’s Steakhouse mailing list means you’re always one step ahead with news about fresh additions to the menu, exclusive events, or time-sensitive promotions. It also serves as a convenient way to feel connected with the restaurant even when you are not physically there enjoying a meal.

To remain updated on all that Harper’s Steakhouse has in store for its patrons and never miss out on what new experiences they offer at their establishment—signing up for their newsletter is essential. The process is fast and simple. It keeps fans like yourself engaged with your preferred dining spot effortlessly.

Find Us

A pint of beer in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Nestled in Swindon at Penzance Drive with the postal code SN5 7JL, Harper’s Steakhouse is a gem that provides easy access and sufficient parking. No matter if you’re from the neighbourhood or traveling from afar, finding this eatery is effortless. Upon arrival, expect to be greeted by an atmosphere of warmth courtesy of its amiable staff.

Should questions arise or should you wish to secure a table, feel free to contact Harper’s Steakhouse at their phone number 01793 881500 or send an email inquiry to The welcoming team behind Harper’s will go above and beyond to ensure your dining experience meets remarkable standards.

Harper’s Steakhouse stands as a premier choice for anyone looking forward to indulging in a laid-back mealtime outing, marking an important occasion, or organising professional gatherings. Boasting superb service coupled with sumptuous culinary offerings all within reach thanks to its prime location—your visit promises to yield memories filled with gastronomic delight.

Opening Hours

Exterior of the restaurant in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

The essence of a great dining experience often lies in its timing, and Harper’s Steakhouse fully appreciates this aspect. The establishment provides opening hours that adapt to the varied schedules of their customers.

Harper’s Steakhouse welcomes patrons looking for a drink by maintaining bar operations from 10 am until 10 pm on selected days, extending up to 11 pm on others. If brunch is what you’re after, rest assured knowing the restaurant opens its doors every day from Monday through Sunday at convenient times tailored for your weekend or weekday indulgence. Dinner enthusiasts won’t be disappointed either. With the kitchen serving meals well into the evening, late-night hunger pangs are easily quenched.

This approach to flexible service hours merged with an array of culinary choices positions Harper’s Steakhouse as an ideal venue suitable for any meal during the day. So regardless if morning fare or twilight feasts align with your lifestyle, expect Harper’s Steakhouse to provide sumptuous dishes exactly when you seek them.

Overview of Harpers Steakhouse’s Concept and Ambiance at Harpers Steakhouse, Swindon

Delicious steak and side in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Nestled within the hustle and bustle of city life, Harper’s Steakhouse stands as more than a mere eatery—it embodies an entire dining ethos. It seamlessly blends casual steakhouse charm with culinary influences from both coasts of America to offer patrons a distinctively engaging gastronomic affair. The interior design, along with the atmosphere generated by this blend, crafts a comforting space in which guests can savour sumptuous meals while basking in ease.

Here are some highlights that make Harper’s Steakhouse stand out:

  • Its close vicinity to Swindon Designer Outlet presents it as an ideal spot for refreshment for shoppers and tourists alike.

  • Boasting an extensive menu rich with varied flavours caters remarkably well to all palates, promising each visitor a charming cafe experience.

  • An inviting aura assures diners of not just great food but also delightful surroundings.

For those on the lookout for tasty sustenance after retail therapy or connoisseurs eager to delve into what Swindon has on its plate, Harper’s offers itself as your essential go-to location. With effortless access paired with eclectic culinary options set against the backdrop of its friendly environment, this restaurant claims its rightful place at the top of any diner’s list.

Every aspect at Harper’s—from delectable dishes and refreshing drinks through meticulous service down to thoughtfully designed ambiance—is meticulously woven together aiming at leaving indelible impressions upon our visitors. Entering through our doors signifies immersion into far more than just standard fare. Here lies an enveloping world where cuisine resonates beautifully amid exquisite settings served up with peerless hospitality.

II. Harpers Steakhouse’s Unique Brunch Offerings

Making a coffee in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

The brunch experience at Harper’s Steakhouse is unmatched, presenting a delightful array of morning dishes that are sure to kick-start your day in the most delicious way possible. Their breakfast menu features an assortment of beloved classics such as exquisite waffles, perfectly prepared eggs Benedict, fluffy scrambled eggs and sumptuous runny-yolk eggs. Beyond these staples, there’s a variety of flavours ranging from sweet to salty and crunchy to soft, ensuring everyone finds something irresistible.

Of course we also have to mention their traditional full English breakfast complete with tasty bacon, flavoursome beans, fresh toasted sourdough and all the trimmings. They also offer fantastic freshly brewed hot coffee, delightfully sweet cakes, and a decadent selection of tea to accompany your breakfast.

Did we also mention pancakes? No? Well no American food establishment would be complete without them! You can expect to find towers of thick, fluffy pancakes with lots of different scrumptious sides to choose from.

Fresh and healthy salad in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Harper’s Steakhouse elevates the standard breakfast fare with their own unique spin on traditional items. When coupled with freshly brewed artisanal coffee or indulging in the fullness of an English breakfast, these culinary creations transform any ordinary morning into a memorable dining adventure. What amplifies this enjoyment? Is their extended brunch service times – running until 5 pm from Monday through Saturday and up until 11:30 am on Sundays – offering patrons plenty of time throughout the day to indulge in Harper’s scrumptious offerings.

Understanding the need for inclusivity when it comes to food preferences and sensitivities, Harper’s Steakhouse goes above and beyond by providing a detailed allergen guide tailored for its brunch crowd. This thoughtful approach allows individuals with dietary restrictions or allergies to partake worry-free in all that this meal has to offer With such meticulous attention diversity within their menu options as well as commitment to quality cuisine overall sets apart as true connoisseurs weekend staple event.

III. Dining Experience

A fork full of food in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Harper’s Steakhouse offers a dining experience that transcends the ordinary meal, encapsulating the essence of an easygoing steakhouse with its warm and comfortable ambiance. The setting is tailored to complement any event from a relaxed brunch or an intimate dinner date to festive celebrations, fostering just the right atmosphere for unforgettable occasions.

The culinary journey at Harper’s Steakhouse presents an array of American gastronomic delights designed to appeal to diverse tastes. Whether indulging in their signature steaks, sampling from their assortment of small plates, or savouring the BBQ specialties, each menu item stands as proof of the restaurant’s dedication to delivering top-tier flavour and quality. Their all-encompassing day-long menu means these mouthwatering dishes are available whenever your cravings strike.

What distinctly differentiates Harper’s Steakhouse is its exceptional service ethic. Attractive staff strive tirelessly not only in meeting expectations but surpassing them as well. Their friendly team takes pride in offering personalised recommendations from the menu, tailoring meals according to guest preferences or even exchanging pleasantries – contributing greatly toward ensuring every patron feels valued and taken care of during their visit. In this establishment, exceptional service is deeply embedded into everyday practice, making it more than just part of their commitment — it defines their culture.

IV. Beverage Selection

Selection of alcoholic drinks in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Harper’s Steakhouse prides itself on offering a diverse array of drinks to suit all palates. With an assortment of specialty craft beers, fine brews, and signature cocktails, you’re certain to find the ideal accompaniment for your meal. No matter if you’re passionate about beer, have a penchant for mixed drinks or indulge in the finer wines, Harper’s selection is designed with variety in mind.

The skilled bartenders at Harper’s are adept at creating top-tier versions of any drink you desire. They artfully prepare timeless cocktail classics that will tantalise your taste buds as well as provide an ample choice of craft beers and brews guaranteed to enhance the ambiance. For those who prefer non-alcoholic options without sacrificing flavour, there is also a thoughtfully curated menu dedicated to low ‘n’ no beverages.

At Harper’s Steakhouse, whether your goal is savouring a crisp beer after workdays fade into evenings. Commemorating life’s milestones over champagne flutes. Or simply seeking out tasteful non-alcoholic refreshment alongside delectable dishes—the establishment ensures every preference is met with enthusiasm and every gulp promises enjoyment.

V. Offers, Events, and Private Dining

Flame grilled steak in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Harper’s Steakhouse continually buzzes with energy, offering a dynamic array of weekly promotions and signature events designed to delight patrons time and again. You’ll uncover an ever-changing selection that ranges from enticing midweek bargains to special Sunday feasts or exclusive short-term deals, ensuring there is always something novel and thrilling on the horizon.

For those intending to mark a milestone or organise a bespoke gathering, Harper’s Steakhouse provides an intimate space for private functions capable of hosting as many as 50 guests. The restaurant crafts customised packages suitable for various types of celebrations, each one crafted with care to render every occasion distinctly remarkable. Be it celebrating another year gone by, commemorating love or arranging corporate festivities, Harper’s is dedicated to elevating your event into an extraordinary affair.

Yet it isn’t solely about scrumptious dishes and fine drinks at this establishment. Service excellence remains central throughout your visit at Harper’s Steakhouse, which commits itself not only to serving delectable food but also providing:

  • Amiable staff

  • A cosy setting

  • An assorted menu lineup

  • Convenient dining hours

With its earnest commitment to exceptional hospitality paired with sourcing high-grade ingredients for its culinary creations, Harper’s makes sure you remember more than just the taste following each meal experienced within their walls.

VI. Additional Services and Offers

Serving a selection of food in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

In addition to their dining and event services, Harper’s Steakhouse also offers a range of additional services to cater to their guests’ needs. For those who prefer to enjoy their food in the comfort of their home, the restaurant offers takeaway service that allows you to enjoy their delicious offerings wherever you are.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a foodie in your life, Harper’s Steakhouse gift vouchers are an excellent choice. They make for a thoughtful and delicious gift that’s sure to be appreciated. And for those who wish to book a table or a room for an event, Harper’s Steakhouse offers convenient booking options that make the process quick and hassle-free.

With its wide range of services and offers, Harper’s Steakhouse ensures that every guest’s needs are catered to. Whether you’re dining in, ordering a takeaway, or planning a special event, Harper’s Steakhouse is committed to making your experience exceptional.

VII. Community and Social Engagement

Serving a selection of food in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Harper’s Steakhouse places a significant emphasis on community and social interaction as core values. The restaurant is actively involved with its local patrons via their online presence, offering an avenue for diners to convey tales of their visits, exhibit photographs of their meals, and submit feedback.

Furthering this engagement with customers beyond the realms of social media, Harper’s Steakhouse invites patrons to enrol in their newsletter subscription service. This ensures that subscribers are always up-to-date with the latest happenings at Harper’s Steakhouse. They receive timely information about new deals and promotional events throughout each year.

The steakhouse cultivates a robust atmosphere of connection and involvement by making sure every visitor feels acknowledged and appreciated when they walk through the doors. Whether you’re dining there for the umpteenth time or stepping in for your inaugural meal, Harper’s Steakhouse extends more than just culinary delights—it offers a warm embrace into its convivial community where open arms greet everyone who enters.

VIII. Exploring Swindon

Eating inside the restaurant in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Just a brief journey from the dynamic Swindon Designer Outlet, Harper’s Steakhouse is an excellent spot for kickstarting your exploration of the vicinity. Swindon enchants with its historical richness and lively cultural scene, offering numerous enticements that are certain to enrich your stay.

At the much-visited Swindon Designer Outlet, you’ll find an extensive selection of coveted designer labels at reduced rates, delivering exceptional value for shoppers. After treating yourself to some shopping bliss there, why not enjoy a sumptuous meal featuring their famed wilted spinach at Harper’s Steakhouse? Conveniently situated off Fire Fly Ave in Old Town’s picturesque setting.

Swindon extends beyond just retail delights. It is replete with various historic landmarks and cultural treasures ready for discovery. So plan out a fulfilling day in town:

  1. Begin with an inviting breakfast or brunch experience at Harper’s Steakhouse.

  2. Dedicate your midday hours to indulge in some serious shopping endeavours at the Designer Outlet.

  3. Conclude by immersing yourself into touring through Swindon’s storied sites and attractions.

IX. Practical Information

A small toy car

If you’re planning a trip to Harper’s Steakhouse, here’s what you need to know.

  • Harper’s is situated at Penzance Drive in Swindon with the postcode SN5 7JL.

  • The establishment can be conveniently accessed whether you choose to drive or take public transit.

  • For those opting to drive, there’s plenty of parking available on-site for your convenience.

With flexible operating hours for their bar, brunch service, and kitchen facilities, the restaurant caters to both early risers wanting a satisfying breakfast and late night diners looking for a delicious meal.

Should you have any questions or wish to book a table at Harper’s Steakhouse, don’t hesitate to contact them via phone at 01793 881500 or by sending an email inquiry over Their welcoming staff is ready and eager to ensure that your dining experience goes smoothly from start to finish.

X. Conclusion

Serving a selection of food in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

Boasting a relaxed vibe and an eclectic menu, Harper’s Steakhouse is synonymous with an extraordinary eating out occasion. It caters to everyone from dedicated carnivores and brunch aficionados to exploratory gourmets in search of fresh gastronomic delights.

Harper’s Steakhouse distinguishes itself through:

  • its unwavering focus on top-notch quality,

  • its fervent effort in fostering a cozy atmosphere for visitors,

  • the undeniable skill reflected in every plate served,

  • the heartfelt cheerfulness accompanying each interaction of service.

The ethos at Harper’s revolves around elevating dining to more than just savouring great food. It aims to craft unforgettable moments.

Whether your plans include a laid-back repast, marking a milestone event or delving into Swindon’s diverse range of edibles, look no than Harper’s Steakhouse. Join us for delectable dishes, immerse yourself in our heartwarming ambiance, and depart with both your palate pleased and memories that will linger long after you’ve gone.


Steak, burger and champagne in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

To sum up, Harper’s Steakhouse in Swindon transcends the typical restaurant offerings to provide a distinctive dining adventure. With its relaxed steakhouse vibe and eclectic menu drawing from culinary traditions of both coasts, coupled with warm service and an advantageous location close to Swindon Designer Outlet, Harper’s has something appealing for every diner.

No matter if you’re seeking out a fulfilling breakfast or brunch, a drawn-out dinner engagement or searching for an apt setting for celebrating special occasions. Harper’s Steakhouse stands as your go-to venue. The convenience provided by their accommodating operational hours, straightforward reservation process, takeout options and tailored event packages contribute to the effortless enjoyment that comes with eating at this establishment. Remaining informed on what’s new at Harper’s is made simple through their active social media outreach and newsletter updates.

When you find yourself around Swindon next time, consider dropping by Harper’s Steakhouse – it promises not merely a delectable meal, but an unforgettable epicurean escapade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing a delicious steak in Harper's Steakhouse, Weighbridge Swindon

What kind of food does Harper’s Steakhouse serve?

At Harper’s Steakhouse, the menu boasts an assortment of American-style dishes ranging from succulent steaks and appetising small plates to hearty BBQ feasts. They provide a comprehensive all-day dining menu alongside exclusive weekday and Sunday specials.

Can I host a private event at Harper’s Steakhouse?

Certainly, Harper’s Steakhouse offers the option of a private takeover space suitable for hosting events and celebrations, with the capacity to accommodate as many as 50 guests. Custom packages can be arranged according to your requirements upon request.

What are the opening hours of Harper’s Steakhouse?

Harper’s Steakhouse operates under varying hours, with the bar available from either 10 am until 10 pm or starting earlier at 9 am and extending to 11 pm on select days. Their kitchen stays open late into the evening, while their brunch service has differing schedules as well.

Where is Harper’s Steakhouse located?

Harper’s Steakhouse is located at Penzance Drive, Swindon SN5 7JL, near Swindon Designer Outlet.

How can I stay updated on the latest news and offers from Harper’s Steakhouse?

For the most recent updates and special deals from Harper’s Steakhouse, consider following their pages on Instagram and Facebook. You can also subscribe to their newsletter for direct delivery of promotions and news.

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