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01 November 2022

Harper’s Steakhouse: One of Haslemere’s Best Steakhouses

If you’re in search of the most delicious cut of meat on earth, look no further than Harper’s Steakhouse in Haslemere.

Our skilled chefs know how to cook every steak just right and we’ve got a menu that will satisfy any appetite!

Whether it be juicy ribeye steaks or tender filet mignon – our dishes have something for everyone who loves great food with an exceptional value too boot at this family owned restaurant located conveniently within the vibrant centre of Haslemere!

Room For Everyone at Harper’s Steakhouse

Delicious food in Harper's Steakhouse Haslemere

If you’re looking for a unique place to stay while visiting Haslemere, be sure to book a cosy room at Harper’s Steakhouse.

The beautiful building dates back to Victorian times and even better, there’s a top steakhouse downstairs that’s serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Each room has been renovated beautifully and are complete with all the modern must-have amenities such as free Wi-Fi, flat screen TV’s, Bluetooth radio and even a Nespresso coffee machine!

And the best part? Prices start from just £44 a night!

Harper’s Steakhouse: Enjoy Delicious, Seasonal Dishes

Delicious sandwich in Harper's Steakhouse Haslemere

There’s something about the changing of the seasons that just makes everything feel new again.

The leaves on the trees start to turn a different colour, the weather becomes cooler and crisper, and even our food starts to taste different.

One of the best things about seasonal ingredients is that they are always fresh and delicious.

At Harper’s Steakhouse we only use the finest, freshest seasonal ingredients that have been hand picked by our chef.

Cheeseburger and fries in Harper's Steakhouse Haslemere

Whether you’re enticed by one of our succulent steaks smothered in a rich peppercorn sauce or one of our health-boosting superfood salads, you can guarantee that our dishes have been prepared using seasonally fresh ingredients.

So come on down to Harper’s Steakhouse and enjoy a delicious, seasonal meal today! You won’t be disappointed.

Harper’s Steakhouse in Southampton: A Delicious Roast Dinner to Die For!

Roast pork in Harper's Steakhouse Haslemere

Looking for a great place to enjoy a roast dinner on Sunday? Look no further than Harper’s Steakhouse in Haslemere!

Our roast beef, lamb and pork are all served with unlimited servings of our signature dauphinoise potatoes, crispy roast potatoes, fresh vegetables and delicious Yorkshire puddings.

Plus, our velvety rich gravy is the perfect topping for your Sunday roast!

Your family and friends are sure to love our delicious food and friendly service.

So, bring your expandable jeans and your friends and family down to Harper’s Steakhouse restaurant in Haslemere and enjoy a delicious Sunday dinner and some new great memories!

Our team look forward to seeing you soon.

Harper’s Steakhouse: Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes that Will Make You Forget All About Meat!

Delicious vegetarian food in Harper's Steakhouse Haslemere

If you’re looking for a delicious and vegetarian or vegan-friendly restaurant in Haslemere, look no further than Harper’s Steakhouse!

You’ll definitely be impressed by our talented chef’s amazing dishes that will make you forget all about steak night.

Whether you’re just stopping in for a quick lunchtime plate or a hearty and satisfying dinner, you can find everything from vegan buffalo hot wings to our signature grilled aubergine and field mushroom burger.

Delicious vegetarian food in Harper's Steakhouse Haslemere

We know that everyone is different, so we also have a variety of salads and Mac n’ cheese options for our vegetarian and vegan guests.

If you’re looking for an amazing meal that everyone can enjoy, come to Harper’s Steakhouse!

Our friendly and welcoming team are ready to set your table, so find the date that suits you and book a table at Harper’s today!

Harper’s Steakhouse: The Juiciest, Most Delicious Beef Steaks You’ll Ever Taste

Delicious steak in Harper's Steakhouse Haslemere

There’s nothing quite like a thick, juicy steak. And at Harper’s restaurants, we know a thing or two about serving up a delicious cut of beef.

We specially select our farmers to rear cattle to our deluxe specifications, using sustainable and fully traceable prime steak cuts aged for a minimum of 28 days.

Our prime steers and heifers are native and grass-fed. Our selection includes Aberdeen Angus, Belted Galloway, Shorthorn, Dexter & Hereford primarily from the UK and Ireland, supplemented with grass fed South American cattle herds and Australian grain fed beef.

Our Harper’s select range is aged in a unique chamber for added flavour and tenderness.

Our highly trained butchers’ hand-cut every single steak to ensure top quality.

Then our master chefs ensure every steak is cooked perfectly to your personal preference.

Barbeque platter in Harper's Steakhouse Haslemere

So whether you like your steak rare, medium, or well done, you can be sure that at Harper’s Steakhouse you’ll always enjoy a delicious meal.

Our steaks are the perfect centrepiece for special event nights, a first or fiftieth date night or a mid-week celebratory occasion.

Make your reservation today to create a memorable occasion and we look forward to welcoming you and your friends at one of Harper’s restaurants.

Harper’s Restaurant: Date Night Deliciousness

Cheeseburger in Harper's Steakhouse Haslemere

Our Menus Has Something For Each of You

If you’re looking for a romantic and intimate setting for your next date night, look no further than Harper’s Restaurant in Haslemere.

Our chefs are passionate about creating amazing dishes that will tantalise your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Delicious vegetarian food in Harper's Steakhouse Haslemere

Whether you’re a meat-lover or a vegetarian, we have something perfect for you!

Our beautiful interiors will help set the mood for your special date night, whether it’s a mid-week dinner or a quick lunch food stop, our food and service will sure colour you date impressed. If it all goes very well, we also serve breakfast!

Don’t Forget a Drink To Break The Ice

Cocktails in Harper's Steakhouse Haslemere

You both can also enjoy our wide selection of drinks from the bar from a crisp, cold pint to a gorgeous cocktail, it is also a pub after all!

So make your reservation today and come experience the deliciousness that is Harper’s Restaurant in Haslemere!

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